Summery Start of Autumn

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lady beetle

This early start of Autumn is very warm with pleasant temperatures around 30 degrees C. Some plants enjoy the heat that they mostly lacked during summer time. The bird’s eye chilli is having second batch of blooms. Kaempferia galanga plant look healthy and green but still no flowers yet. While the lemon grass suddenly grows tall and bushy. The purple Tibouchina ‘Jules’ and the yellow and orange Kniphofia are flowering nicely. Meanwhile the other two new orchids are still in blooms, the easy to grow Miltonias are bearing flower buds. The hot temperatures are also good for the Dragon Fruit that is growing a fruit for the first time.

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Garden – Last Month of Summer



I cannot believe that now is February and next month will be Autumn already. Summer this year has been quite mild here in Melbourne so that we hardly feel it. Hopefully the Autumn months won’t be too warm which is not very good for the orchids, as they need cooler nights to initiate blooming.

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Garden Early Summer 2016


I really enjoyed much cooler weather during last Spring. Up until now in the early Summer, we are still having this pleasant temperature, but it is not so good for some tropical plants like for examples the Kencur Galangal (Kaempferia galanga) and the Arabian Jasmine (Melati). The Galangal plant has only sent off a tiny new shoot so far and the Arabian Jasmine looks scraggly and very few flower buds. Hopefully the temperatures will get warmer to their advantage.

So much to do in the garden, the weeds are growing like crazy. I still have many plants to trim to look tidy for the Christmas time. Lawn needs mowing, but I will do it some time next week, depending on the weather.

The Gardenias in the back of the house are having many large blooms and the sweet fragrance fills the air. Many plants are still in full bloom and these are some of them:

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Garden Spring November 2016


Spring Nov 2016.jpg

Spring this year has been quite cold with plenty of strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Everything grow like crazy including the pesky weeds. Now it is cloudy with light cool breeze. Most of the Cymbidium orchids have finished blooming but none of them need repotting. Though plenty to write about, I will only take notes on few plants: Begonias, Brunfelsia australis and the early blooming Epiphyllums.

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Early Spring Garden 2016



It seems that springtime is still reluctantly coming and even the blackbirds have not sung their early morning and late afternoon pretty melody. Weather forecasts last night predicted much cooler weather next Monday and Tuesday.

Apart form the lazy arrival of spring, most plants in the garden are growing like crazy. More

Winter Garden – Shades of Orange


Orange hues of Camp Fire

The chill of battering southern wind has made this winter feel much colder.Things that are hot like a campfire or a fireplace will surely give a warm feeling. It is the same with the garden, all hot colours of flaming fire make the garden brighter and warmer… Read more

Garden Early Winter 2016

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Pear tree early winter 2016

This sunny winter morning, the calm air is crisp and cool. The pear trees still have some of the remaining autumn colours. The ground underneath is littered with the fallen leaves. I like to spread them evenly on garden beds to act as mulch and later on will break down to fertilize the soil.


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