Phalaenopsis Kokedama


Just a quick update on the two Phalaenopsis orchids that have been grown on moss balls (kokedama). Now both are blooming nicely.





Phalaenopsis Orchids 2016

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Phalaenopsis - Kokedama small pink flowers.jpg

For me, growing Phalaenopsis orchids here in Melbourne is like playing a lottery. If I am lucky, I will win and they will grow with no hassle at all. But from how many I bought so far only about one third of them survive. Why? Read more…..

Kokedama – Living Moss


Went for a walk this morning and collected two varieties of mosses that grow along the ditch. One is very fine and velvety, the other is similar to sphagnum moss, coarse and trailing. I have no idea what their names are.

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Phalaenopsis Kokedama 2


Yesterday I made my 2nd kokedama by using another small Phalaenopsis orchid that was not too happy growing in its pot. It has one spike and many of the roots are not really healthy. The first kokedama was made by using a miniature Phalaenopsis that was needed to be repotted.

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Kokedama – Anggrek Phalaenopsis



Tadinya mau menulis ini dalam bahasa Inggris, tapi sudah banyak uraian tentang kokedama dalam bahasa Inggris, jadi pakai bahasa Indonesia. Hari Sabtu yang lalu untuk pertama kalinya saya melihat kokedama di Homes and Gardens show. Jadi tertarik untuk mencoba membuatnya, bahan semua sudah ada. Waktu di pameran itu kami tidak melihat demonstrasi cara membuatnya, jadi saya mencari semua info dari internet.

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Fixing Wonky Phalaenopsis Spikes


When you buy a Phalaenopsis orchid, the flower stem is tall and straight, but a year later the new spike grows wonky to the side underneath the foliage. It happens when the plant is placed near a window, the spike will grow side way following the source of light. You may think to turn the plant around, hoping that the flower will grow the opposite direction, but it will make the flower buds grow out of order and the blooms will look wonkier with one facing this way and other one facing that way.

To make Phalaenopsis spikes grow reasonable straight above the foliage, a small wooden or bamboo stick and a bit of string can help. Though some Phals tend to naturally have long and reasonably straight spikes, many will have the problem. Phalaenopsis flower stems are not pliable, especially when they are still young. Read more

Leaning Over Phalaenopsis


Phalaenopsis orchids that are grown inside facing a window tend to grow side-way and will have leaning over look. In nature, it is very normal to grow this way as the plant attached itself on a tree trunk. Some people also prefer their Phals to have this position. If it is a small variety, it may not have obvious problem of being imbalance that can cause the plant to easily tip over, but if it is a big variety then it can be a problem.

Our Phalaenopsis with yellow and red spots flowers is growing pretty big and it is growing side way. At the moment it has 2 flower spikes and I just re-potted it this afternoon. As the plant is big with thick and wide leaves, More

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