lady beetle

This early start of Autumn is very warm with pleasant temperatures around 30 degrees C. Some plants enjoy the heat that they mostly lacked during summer time. The bird’s eye chilli is having second batch of blooms. Kaempferia galanga plant look healthy and green but still no flowers yet. While the lemon grass suddenly grows tall and bushy. The purple Tibouchina ‘Jules’ and the yellow and orange Kniphofia are flowering nicely. Meanwhile the other two new orchids are still in blooms, the easy to grow Miltonias are bearing flower buds. The hot temperatures are also good for the Dragon Fruit that is growing a fruit for the first time.


Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’: This spider shape orchid hybrid with unusual colour is named after Shelob, the spider character in the film The Lord of The Rings that is based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s book The Two Towers. But the flowers are prettier than the ugly and terrifying spider.

Zelglossoda (Zgt) Calico Gem ‘Green Valley’: This orchid hybrid with unusual name also has strange flowers that are very bright mauve pink and white with maroon blotches on tall thin stems.

Kniphofia uvaria: This yellow and orange variety has large and long leaves, they look a bit untidy. I always cut them shorter. The flowers are quite showy with tall stems and big size blooms. A Honey eater bird loves to hold on the tall stem to eat the sweet flower nectar and the whole thing will sway back and forth.

Tibouchina ‘Jules’: For those who adore purple flowers!

Aromatic Plants for the kitchen:

Lemongrass (Cymbopogon) and Kaempferia galanga: In Indonesian language, lemongrass is called serai/sereh, while Kaempferia galanga is known as kencur.

Kaffir Lime: It is also known as Jeruk Purut (Indonesian) and Latin name is Citrus Hystrix. This year it is growing better with many more branches and leaves. There is much less gall wasp invasion.

Bay Tree: The small Bay Laurel plant – Laurus nobilis that is grown in a pot has many leaves but they look small and stunted. I haven’t re-potted it for a long time. I will do it very soon while the weather is till nice and hot.

Bay tree - Laurus nobilis

Chilli Plants: I have picked all the ripened Bird’s Eye Chillies and now the plant is growing more flowers. Busy bees visit the small white flowers, from one bloom to another. The Hot Thai Chillies have started to ripe. Between these two varieties, I think the Hot Thais are spicier.