Nopalxochia phyllanthoides

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From all our orchid cacti, this one is my favourite. The flowers are small but prolific and they look very pretty even when still in bud form. The tiny buds will slowly develop into very attractive half opened buds, though they are still not fully developed. the soft pink colour make them look very beautiful to look at. Then after many weeks, the cute soft pink buds will eventually open into fully mature blooms.

Pretty flower buds:

Compared to the other orchids cacti, Nopalxochia  phyllanthoides have long lasting blooms. While many others with magnificently large blooms are short live, from 1 to 3 days, this smaller orchid cactus will have a prolific display of the prettiest blooms from the start in bud forms right into a fully open flowers, and this can take weeks to enjoy.

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Orchid Cactus – More Blooms 2016

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This year the Epiphyllum flowers are larger compared to the previous years. Perhaps cooler spring temperatures have made them bigger. Every time they flower, I can’t help myself not to take photographs and fiddle around a little bit by making black background. Epiphyllum ‘Santa Barbera’ has very similar colour to E. ‘Great Waltz’, the difference is mainly on the shape of the petals. The E. ‘Andromeda’ hasn’t ready, the flower buds haven’t opened yet.

Epiphyllum ‘Santa Barbera/Barbara’:

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Disocactus ackermannii

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Disocactus ackermanii - Epiphyllum ackermannii - November 2016.jpg

The oldest orchid cactus that we have and it seems like the easiest to grow and bloom every year. The large red flowers have shimmering purplish hue inside  The large stigma is long and the white stamens look fluffy. This jungle cactus is also known as Epiphyllum ackermannii, Nopalxochia ackermannii. once open, the bloom will last around three days. It can develop fruits as big as marbles, but I tend to pluck the wilted blooms off the stems.

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Garden Spring November 2016


Spring Nov 2016.jpg

Spring this year has been quite cold with plenty of strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Everything grow like crazy including the pesky weeds. Now it is cloudy with light cool breeze. Most of the Cymbidium orchids have finished blooming but none of them need repotting. Though plenty to write about, I will only take notes on few plants: Begonias, Brunfelsia australis and the early blooming Epiphyllums.

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Epiphyllum ‘ Great Waltz’ and ‘Andromeda’


Recent Photos:

Epiphyllum ‘Great Waltz’: The biggest blooms with vivid colour combination of mauve pink edged with soft pink petals while the sepals have orange tinged. The open blooms last for about 3 days before they start to wilt.


Orchid Cactus – Prolific Bloomers

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From all the orchid cacti that we have, Nopalxochia phyllanthoides and Chiapasia nelsonii  are the most prolific bloomers.

Nopalxochia phyllanthoides:

It  is also known as Disocactus phyllanthoides, Epiphyllum ‘Deutsche Kaiserin’ or ‘German Empress’, while the common name is Pond Lily cactus. The prolific small flowers are ice pink. The difference with this one is that the flower buds start to grow like tiny flowers. For weeks, slowly the tiny pinkish flower buds grow and the more they look prettier. Until one day they start to mature and the fully open flowers will last around three days before they start to wilt.

Flower Buds in different stages.

Flower Buds in different stages.


Orchid Cactus – Disocactus ackermannii

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This large red Disocactus ackermannii is one of the very first orchid cacti that we have. During the years I had planted few stems and these are from one of the cuttings that now has been mature and it is bearing many blooms. The mother plant had grown so big and last year the stems were damaged eaten by snails and slugs. I cut all the reasonably good stems (27 cuttings) and plant them. Most of these cuttings have grown new shoots, but they are still too young to flower. More

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