I cannot believe that now is February and next month will be Autumn already. Summer this year has been quite mild here in Melbourne so that we hardly feel it. Hopefully the Autumn months won’t be too warm which is not very good for the orchids, as they need cooler nights to initiate blooming.

This is a garden note worth taking:

Chilli Plants: This year I grow Bird’s Eye chilli and Hot Thai Chilli. The are both grown in pots and having quite many fruits. I have picked some of the Bird’s Eye chilies for cooking, but the Hot Thai is still too green to pick.

Duranta ‘Geisha Girl’: I always adore the small and dainty purplish blue flowers with white colour around the edges. The flowers are quite long lasting, especially in cooler temperature like now.

Tillandsia: All the three air plants have grown new pups, but only the Tillandsia brachycaulos is blooming. I sprayed the other two with bloom booster fertilizer and hopefully they will flower soon.

Red Flower Carpet Rose: While other roses have finished blooming, this red flower carpet is still blooming nicely. It has been grown exceptionally good this summer.

Billbergia & Aechmea Bromeliads:  The one that I bought in the market last year (Billbergia) has grown two pups. The other one, Aechmea recurvata, was given to me by my friend Vi. I have never seen it bloom, but it also has two pups.  It is a strange bromeliad species that is very compact and stout with short prickly leaves (very sharp). Can’t wait to see it bloom.

Arabian jasmine – Jasminum sambac: I think this fragrant jasmine need a bigger pot. It is not growing that good,and flower sparsely. I will move it into a bigger pot soon.