Succulent Plants – Fruits


Other than the dragon fruit, few other succulent plants also have some fruits.

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Ripe Dragon Fruit – Rootless Stem


Dragon Fruit Finally May 02 - 2017.jpg

If your dragon fruit tree bears many fruits, and one of the stem is broken, you may not be bothered. However, if it is the first and the only one, you want to save it. It was what I did and the fruit kept on growing to ripeness. It is much smaller and thinner though. To read more

Dragon Fruit Update


The broken stem with a budding fruit seems to survive. The stem is still green and firm, not sure if roots have started to grow, but the fruit seems to develop. It is much smaller and less rounder than it is supposed to be. Since about three days ago, the stunted fruit has started to change colour. Kind of yellow first and now it is getting more red. Is it getting ripe, or an early sign of wilting? I will not pick the fruit until it is really red.

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Dragon Fruit Disaster


Dragon fruit - broken off stem

Broken off stem

Just as we were all very happy to have a dragon fruit growing for the very first time, disaster happened. The stem with the baby fruit was broken off. How did it happen? Not very sure, it could be the possum climbed on it last night. We have few possums in the back yard. The plant itself actually is not very healthy with many parts rotted every winter time. Perhaps the stem joint was not strong enough and it snapped broken.

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Hand Pollinating Dragon Fruit



It was a big surprise that our Dragon Fruit (Hylocereus sp.) has finally had one flower bud. The bud grew very fast and very large. Just before it opened last night, the swollen flower bud was around 40 cm long (including the stem). It was twice the size of the biggest Epiphyllum flowers that we have.

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Eh… Buah Naga Berbunga



Beberapa hari yang lalu saya memeriksa tanaman Buah Naga (Dragon Fruit – Hylocereus undatus/putih atau H. polyrhizus/merah) dengan maksud akan melepaskannya dari tiang tempatnya merambat. Tanaman ini dibeli awal tahun 2012 dan setiap musim dingin mengalami pembusukan, jadi tak begitu sehat dan belum pernah berbunga sebelumnya. Rupanya jenis yang kami punya tidak tahan hawa dingin. Tanaman buah naga ini tak bisa dipindahkan karena diikat/dirambatkan pada tiang. Maksud hati ingin melepaskannya dan memotong bagian yang terlihat hijau dan sehat untuk ditanam kembali serta ditempatkan di lokasi yang lebih ternaung. Eh…. kaget juga, ternyata ada satu kuncup bunga yang mampu tumbuh. Waktu pertama kali melihat kuncup bunga itu masih belum kelihatannya tangkainya, beberapa hari kemudian kuncup semakin tumbuh besar memanjang dan mulai terlihat tangkai bunganya.

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Nopalxochia phyllanthoides

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From all our orchid cacti, this one is my favourite. The flowers are small but prolific and they look very pretty even when still in bud form. The tiny buds will slowly develop into very attractive half opened buds, though they are still not fully developed. the soft pink colour make them look very beautiful to look at. Then after many weeks, the cute soft pink buds will eventually open into fully mature blooms.

Pretty flower buds:

Compared to the other orchids cacti, Nopalxochia  phyllanthoides have long lasting blooms. While many others with magnificently large blooms are short live, from 1 to 3 days, this smaller orchid cactus will have a prolific display of the prettiest blooms from the start in bud forms right into a fully open flowers, and this can take weeks to enjoy.

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