Strelitzia reginae Seeds

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I spent some time this morning to trim the Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) as it was getting too large. There were many dried spent flowers and I was amazed to see the black seeds that seemed to grow on fluffy bright orange beds. They just looked so alive while anything else of the flowers looked dead. The fluffy orange things are seed stems by the look of them. Very odd indeed.

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Dendrobium nobile – Flower Buds

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Dendrobium nobile flower buds

Finally, after a long wait, the spikes have revealed their small flower buds. They are green with splash of red. Still cannot imagine what the flowers will look like, green can turn into white. There will be four canes with blooms. I have applied a weak solution of orchid fertiliser for flowering season. It seems that this Dendrobium that I have knows exactly where to grow flowers and where to grow new growths. All the flowers are correctly growing along the canes while the new growths for future canes are growing from the bottom. I saw other people had keikis instead of flowers.


Bromeliad Guzmania ‘Mathilda’


Bromeliad 0 Guzmania 'Mathilda' very prety flowers

Just bought this Guzmania ‘Mathilda’ this morning. The very pretty flower is quite unusual. The red flower bracts form a rounded rosette and the flowers are creamy colour.


Saving Dracaena – Rooting in Water Attempt


Few years ago I cut our tall Dracaena (corn plant) into three parts and replanted them in potting soil. They grew quite well.  Later on, I gave one (the top cutting) to a friend. Yesterday she gave me back the plant because it was not growing very well. The leaves were wilted and the cane looked crinkle.

Dracaena - Wilted dehydrated - March 08-2018

Unhappy Dracaena, leaves are wilted.

Today, after I thoroughly watered the unhappy plant, I took it out of the pot to check the root system. I found that the roots were very dry and after being watered well, the soil mix was still dry. It seemed to me that the soil mix repelled water. Why this happened? Perhaps my friend left it dry quite a while. Very dry potting mix can become water repellent, in which the water cannot penetrate all the soil and just runs out of the pot holes.  To continue

Anggrek Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’ dan Psychopsis papilio


Anggrek Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’:

Tepat setahun kemudian, anggrek hibrida jenis Miltassia ini berbunga kembali. Bentuknya seperti laba-laba dengan corak dan kombinasi warna yang aneh. Anggrek yang cukup mudah pemeliharaannya ini, diberi nama berdasarkan karakter laba-laba bernama Shelob didalam film The Lord of The Rings. Sedangkan Tolkien adalah nama penulis buku The Two Towers yang dibuat film The Lord of The Rings.

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Fragrant White Flowers


Jasmine - delightful fragrance.jpg

Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac, Melati):

At the moment, the Arabian Jasmine that is grown in a pot has many flowers. I think the temperate climate of Melbourne has made the flower size kind of smaller, but the fragrance is still the same, delightfully sweet. I picked a handful and now during the night, the amazing smell fills our living room.  To read more

Garden Mid January 2018


So far we only had few days of hot spells this summer. In the last few days, the much welcome rains had made the garden fresh and alive. Took few shots of flowers in the garden. Hibiscus and second batch of roses add more colours of the garden.

Roses do better in mild weather. This summer, with much less hot days, they are blooming for the second time. One photo of a couple of standard roses was from son’s place.

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