Garden Mid Spring 2017

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Not much to say really, except the racket noise of chainsaw and mulching truck two houses up the road. They are cutting down some gum trees to built new townhouses. So sad… but like usual, money will come first at the expense of trees and green environment. Sooner or later our suburb will turn into over crowded apartments and units with cars parked along the street. Perhaps it is the time in near future to sell up, pack up and move to the country…..



Dancing Lady orchid

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Oncidium Dancing Lady October 2017
Many Oncidium ‘Dancing Lady’ orchids are mainly yellow, but ours is kind of brown maroon with the lower half of the labellum is yellow. Perhaps it is Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ cross. The spike is short and compact. The negative is that blooms are crowded together, otherwise it is quite pretty. Quite easy to grow and so far, it always flowers every year.

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Orchids 2017 – More Flowers


Cold and windy start of Spring. It is even snowing in higher places around Melbourne. More Cymbidium orchids are in bloom and quite a few are still in buds.

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Garden End of Winter 2017


Few days more it will be the beginning of Spring time here in Melbourne, but it was so cold  in the last few days. Today it is raining on and off, with a bit of cold wind and hails. I haven’t done much in the garden lately. In the winter, lawn hardly grows, but the grass has started to thicken unevenly and look a bit of untidy. Weeds are growing fat in the garden beds. Hopefully the weather will be dry and warmer very soon so that I can start to mow the lawn and do weeding.

Some more Cymbidium orchids have started to bloom, but I will only take notes on other plants in the garden. Yes, it is mostly the same old plants again year after year, but it is always fun to take some photos. Here some of plants that are blooming:

Loropetalum chinense: An attractive dense bush with purplish red leaves. The pink tassel like flowers are unusual and pretty. Acid loving plant that hates lime.


Magnolia: This deciduous small tree will bear large pink flowers on bare branches towards the end of winter. Very pretty and eye catching.

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Orchids Early Blooms 2017


So far it is only one Cymbidium orchid in bloom, miniature Cymbidium Artistic Impression ‘Snowdrop’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’. It is having 3 spikes and the pretty dark maroon petals seem slightly rounded compared to how they looked last year when I bought it. Many others are still in buds with few will open around next month and others in September.

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Tanaman Didalam Rumah


Indoor Plants - Living Room

Cukup banyak tanaman yang bisa ditaroh didalam rumah untuk hiasan ruangan. Selain untuk mempercantik dekorasi, disebutkan bahwa ada jenis tanaman yang bisa membersihkan udara didalam rumah dari segala racun dan radiasi yang berasal dari peralatan listrik, asap dari rokok dan dapur, bahan cat, plastik dan juga pembersih rumah (cleaning spray dsb), micro organisme seperti misalnya jamur dll. Tanaman pembersih udara tersebut misalnya Lidah Mertua (Sansevieria), Pakis, Bambu mini, Dracaena (sejenis tanaman Suji), Peace dan Spider lily, Sirih Belanda dsb.

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Blooming Zygocacti


Zygocactus flower 2017.jpg

It is this time of the year again when the Zygocacti (Schlumbergera truncata) are in full bloom. The unusual colourful blooms are prolific and very pretty to look at. They surely brighten up cold and gloomy winter days. The drooping down flowers are perfect for hanging pots.

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