Orchids Early Blooms 2017


So far it is only one Cymbidium orchid in bloom, miniature Cymbidium Artistic Impression ‘Snowdrop’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’. It is having 3 spikes and the pretty dark maroon petals seem slightly rounded compared to how they looked last year when I bought it. Many others are still in buds with few will open around next month and others in September.

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Tanaman Didalam Rumah


Indoor Plants - Living Room

Cukup banyak tanaman yang bisa ditaroh didalam rumah untuk hiasan ruangan. Selain untuk mempercantik dekorasi, disebutkan bahwa ada jenis tanaman yang bisa membersihkan udara didalam rumah dari segala racun dan radiasi yang berasal dari peralatan listrik, asap dari rokok dan dapur, bahan cat, plastik dan juga pembersih rumah (cleaning spray dsb), micro organisme seperti misalnya jamur dll. Tanaman pembersih udara tersebut misalnya Lidah Mertua (Sansevieria), Pakis, Bambu mini, Dracaena (sejenis tanaman Suji), Peace dan Spider lily, Sirih Belanda dsb.

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Blooming Zygocacti


Zygocactus flower 2017.jpg

It is this time of the year again when the Zygocacti (Schlumbergera truncata) are in full bloom. The unusual colourful blooms are prolific and very pretty to look at. They surely brighten up cold and gloomy winter days. The drooping down flowers are perfect for hanging pots.

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Garden Early Winter 2017


Cold start of winter. Today was mainly overcast with few sunny breaks. The gardens are still reasonably fresh and colourful thanks to the enough rainfalls. Now  I can hear the coo-cooing sound of the turtle doves while some other garden birds are chattering softly.

Along the footpath: The pear tree is bare but the rest of the plants look fresh. Crassulas  and  the Thryptomene bush are all blooming. Hibiscuses are still flowering though the blossoms are smaller now.

Along the Footpath June 15 - 2017

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Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’


I have had Zygopetalum maculatum orchid for a few years and I love it. The blooms look unusual and have beautiful fragrance. Though the leaves are prone to black spotting,it does not effect the plant at all. To reduce the problem it is better to keep the foliage dry and give the plant good air circulation.

For some time I had tried to find another variety of this orchid, and the last time I spotted one in Collector’s Corner in Garden World. It was the only one available and I would not miss the chance to have it.

The tag says Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’. The plant still looks very young with a short spike of three flowers. The colour and shape are slightly different from the one that I’ve already had. Hopefully, later on in the future both the plant and the blooms will be taller and bigger.

Zygopetalum Hollandra 'Ever Springs' Tag

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Garden Late Autumn 2017


This last month of autumn here in Melbourne, the temperature has surely dropped quite significantly. Heavy rainfalls have made the air wet and clammy. Many plants in the garden are still blooming nicely like for example the Hibiscus, but I will only take notes about two plants.


In Australia, Chrysanthemums are regarded as mother’s day flower. They bloom around the end of Autumn. Before, we used to have many mauve Chrysanthemum plants, but I dug them up when we painted the house and then replanted them. Since then, they did not grow very well. Not long after, some delivery men with a large truck that was parked on the drive way, had to trample the garden bed where the struggling plants grow. That was the end of most of them. I replace them with the double yellow ones and now they flower quite well. The remaining mauve ones that manage to survive only grow few blooms this year. While the old white one is also not doing very well.

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Yellow Cattleya


Cattleya Blc Nakornchaisri Delight x Blc Haadyai Delight 05 - 2017

When I bought this Cattleya orchid yesterday, the single flower was still in bud, but it was obvious that it was going to be yellow. It was one of the cheapest that were sold in Collectors Corner.

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