Foto Orb disaat Gerhana Bulan


2 Blue Orbs during super blue moon January 31-2018 10.50 pm

Sudah dua kali kamera Panasonic Lumix FH1 yang saya punya menghasilkan foto yang ada penampakan orb (lingkaran) warna biru. Aneh memang, lingkaran bulat ini tak kasat mata, tapi timbul di foto. Lingkaran bulat warna biru ini tampak begitu nyata.

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Beautiful Orbs


If you have a small digital camera (not the expensive one), more than likely you will capture things that cannot be seen by naked eyes. Mysterious circles  (Orbs) sometimes can be seen in digital photos. In photography this phenomena can be called backscatter, while for those who believe in Paranormal will firmly say that it is the image of an angel, spirit, or ghost.

According to Wikipedia:

The term backscatter in photography refers to light from a flash or strobe reflecting back from particles in the lens’s field of view causing specks of light to appear in the photo. This gives rise to what are sometimes referred to as orb artifacts. Photographic backscatter can result from snowflakes, rain or mist, or airborne dust. Due to the size limitations of the modern compact and ultra-compact cameras, especially digital cameras, the distance between the lens and the built-in flash has decreased, thereby decreasing the angle of light reflection to the lens and increasing the likelihood of light reflection off normally sub-visible particles. Hence, the orb artifact is commonplace with small digital or film camera photographs. (Wikipedia).

For myself, I don’t really care what the orbs that appeared in my digital photos are, I just  think that some of them are really beautiful and colourful.

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Strange Dancing Lights


The other day, I found some digital pictures that my son took on December 23, 2005. That night around 11.00PM (Melbourne time, Australia), I went outside to admire the Christmas lights decorations at the front part of our house. They were so bright and colourful. It was a cloudy night without any stars to be seen. Then suddenly when I was gazing towards the north eastern sky I noticed something very strange. There were these small milky white lights moving around in such way that they seemed to dance around. Sometimes it looked like they chased one another. Other time they seemed to spread out and then back closer together again. Then suddenly they seemed to move erratically and then they repeated the previous movements again……

I had never seen anything like this, so I called my husband and son to come out of the house to see this strange display. Then my son decided to capture them with his digital camera. He said that more than likely that nothing would come up because he couldn’t see anything through the camera lenses. This strange phenomenon last about 2 hours before they were reduced in numbers faded and disappeared completely.

Almost immediately, our son uploaded the images from his camera into his computer and to our surprise we saw very strange images.

He captured two different kinds of images. One is the milky white lights like the ones that we saw through naked eyes, and another different one that we didn’t actually see at all.

Images that we did not see, but captured by the digital camera

What are they?

  • After we researched many different sources at the internet, there were few different theories to explain the images.Rain or water particles in the sky:  Remember that night was cloudy, so it did make sense if the air was full of water particles. They say that a good digital camera sometimes can capture these water particles and the results are as above. The ones that look like glowing discs are water particles that stand still while the white one with the tail is the one that start to fall down.
  • Orbs:  Orbs are believed (by many) to be ghosts in the form of balls of light. They are life forms that travel in groups and are believed to be the human soul or life force of those that once inhabited a physical body here on earth (www.goststudy.com)
  • UFO: Other people still believe that these images are unidentified flying objects or in this case is rather of dancing objects

How to explain what we saw? The most probable scientific explanation about the dancing lights is that there were electrical storm activities far away above the cloud that night.

But if you saw yourself that night you would wonder if electrical storms could actually made such beautiful movements…. The way the lights moved was more like a choreographed dancing. Other thing to wonder was that the movement of those lights was only limited to certain spot of the sky which is about 45 to 50  degrees up the Northeastern sky.

Photo image that we did not see but caught by camera

One of the little white lights that we saw and it was also caught by camera

Note: This sighting was from Melbourne, Australia.

January 28, 2016:

I just found this video on YouTube and it is very similar to what we saw. The one that we saw seem much higher in the sky compared to the one on the video.

Some people claimed it was laser light pointed to the sky…. not really sure though. If it was laser, we would have seen the beams of light pointed to the sky. It would have looked similar to torch lights. But we did not see them at all.

Thank you so much for Homebake2013 for this entry on YouTube.