Si Putih Wangi ‘Choisya ternata’



Choysia ternata

Sekarang ini tanaman Choisya di kebun kami mulai berbunga lebat karena curah hujan yang tinggi akhir-akhir ini. Di daerah Melburne, tanaman ini tumbuh dengan subur dan tahan embun beku. Disaat musim panas menjelang, pemakaian mulsa dan kompos membantu untuk menghindari kekeringan. Baca selanjutnya


Melati Jasminum polyanthum



Disaat musim dingin hampir berlalu dan musim semi menjelang, tanaman melati jenis Jasminum polyanthum mulai berbunga. Wanginya yang semerbak akan tercium jauh terbawa tiupan angin. Tanaman yang merambat ini terus berbunga beberapa bulan sebelum musim panas tiba. Disekitar Melbourne sini, banyak orang menanamnya dengan merambatkannya di sepanjang pagar, tiang rumah atau di atas para-para. Untuk selengkapnya

Garden Mid Autumn 2016


Autumn Colour Washington Hawthorn - Crataegus phaenopyrum April 2016

It was a very nice warm day today around 25 deg. C. Many of the Cymbidium orchids have grown flower spikes. Jade plants (Crassula) also started to develop flower buds, the second flowering time of the year. Our deciduous bonsai trees are displaying bright autumn leaves. Few plants that are worth noting right now:

Our small Feijoa tree failed to bear fruits in the last few years due to extreme high summer temperatures, More

Arabian Jasmine – Melati Menur

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This Arabian Jasmine plant (Jasminum sambac) is still in its original pot since I’ve bought it about 2 years ago in Caribbean market. At first, I was not very sure that this tropical plant could grow well here in Melbourne. The seller assured me that it would grow reasonably good here in a pot or in the garden.

The better choice is by growing it in a pot, so that the plant can be moved around. In the summer it can be placed outside in the sun and when the temperatures are low during winter, it can be kept indoor near bight window or under a covered veranda. This way, the plant will not drop foliage during winter time…..
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Fragrant White Flowers


Lilium longiflorum – Christmas Lily

This year the Christmas lily flowers are short and there aren’t as many flowers as they used to be. However, the flowers themselves are still pretty and fragrant as ever. I cut few stems to put in a vase to decorate the living room. At night, the scent lingers…. sweet and spicy 🙂

Lilium longiforum 2

Lilium longiforum

Christmas Lily - Lilium longiflorum

Christmas Lily – Lilium longiflorum

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Bunga Menur


Bunga Menur nan Wangi

Bunga Menur semerbak mewangi

Hari Jumat yang lalu saya beli tanaman bunga melati yang kelopak bunganya bertumpuk/dobel. Ingat dulu di daerah Solo, orang bilang kalau bunga melati kelopak bunganya tunggal namanya melati, tapi kalau kelopak bunganya bertumpuk atau dobel namanya menur.

Jasminum sambac - Melati/Menur

Jasminum sambac – Melati/Menur

Tanaman bunga menur yang saya beli masih kecil tapi sudah banyak juga kuncup bunganya. Semalam dua kuncup bunga mekar dan aromanya semerbak harum mewangi. Bunga melati selalu mengingatkan saya pada alm. papa yang dulu menanamnya diberanda samping rumah.    Baca selanjutnya

Michelia yunnanensis ‘Scented Pearl’


Michelia yunnanensis ‘Scented Pearl’ and Mirid Bugs

What I like most of this Michelia yunnanensis ‘Scented Pearl’ is the small size. It is perfect for a small garden or a small courtyard. Michelia yunnanensis is an evergreen shrub/small tree from Yunnan and surrounding area in China. It is hardy and respond well to trimming and shaping. The Scented Pearl sp. has pure white flowers as big as a 50 cent coin, while another species has yellow blooms. The sweet scent is very delicate. The hairy flower buds have an attractive copper colour.

We have had this plant for many years and it is only about one and half meter high. It has a habit of having horizontal branches, and I always trim them to make the plant grow rounder and compact. This is spring time here in Melbourne now and it has exceptionally outstanding flowers – so many flowers, the best as long I can remember. Among the leaves and flowers, I saw quite a few of bugs breeding ( I think they are some kind of stink  mirid bugs). I leave them alone and I just hope they will not do damage later on.

Michelia yunnanensis ‘Scented Pearl’

‘Scented Pearl’ – Michelia yunnanensis


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