Orchid Flower Buds

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Cymbidium orchids: Quite a few of the spikes have burst open to reveal plump flower buds. Some other spikes are still quite small.

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Dendrobium nobile Resting Time – Small Nubs

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Den nobile - Little Nubs

Just a quick note on the Dendrobium nobile. As it is closer to winter time here in Melbourne, the temperature is getting much cooler lately. I moved the Dendrobium nobile under cover in the back veranda. During the warmer months it stayed out in the open all the time. With regular application of weakly-weekly fertiliser plus adequate watering, the plant has grown large and plump canes.

I have stopped feeding around a month ago and now watering must be drastically reduced by occasional water misting only.   To continue

Fragrant Dendrobium delicatum


Dendrobium delicatum October 2017

It is the time when these tiny Dendrobium delicatum orchid flowers bloom. The lingering sweet fragrance is telling us that they are there. The look is quite simple; small and white in colour with a faint splash of mauve. The speckled labellum is in contrast with the yellow tongue. An Australian native orchid that is said to be a natural cross between Dandrobium kingianum x D. tarberi. Easy to grow and always flower every year.

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Anggrek Dendrobium nobile – Puasa


Dendrobium soft cane April 28 2017

Tahun 2013 yang lalu kami dapat ‘mystery bonus’ tanaman anggrek Dendrobium nobile yang berbatang lunak. Anggrek inilah satu-satunya yang saya punya dari jenis tersebut. Beberapa anggrek Dendrobium berbatang keras yang kami punya mudah berbunga, terutama jenis D. delicatum. Waktu itu tanamannya masih kecil dan beberapa tahun kemudian terlihat seperti kuncup bunga mulai timbul tapi setiap kali mengering. Juga tanaman terlihat kurus. Apa yang salah?

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More Orchids 2016


Most of the Cymbidium orchids are still blooming, while two other orchids also in flower.

Oncidium ‘Dancing lady’:


More Cymbidums and Others


Wasp (2)

The spring weather was back to cold again in the last few days, and today is also grey and cool around 15 deg. C. I spotted a wasp the other day and took few photos. It was more than likely a European wasp, the colours are yellow and black. Meanwhile more orchids are blooming.

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Tiny Dendrobium


Miniature Thelychiton kingianus/Dendrobium kingianum

miniature Thelychiton kingianus-Dendrobium kingianum

Miniature Dendrobium - Noid

Miniature Dendrobium – Noid

I salvaged this small Dendrobium orchid plant from Vivi, our friend in Coburg. It was given to her from other friend but never flowered for a long time. She let me to have it in the belief that I could make it happy and bloom again. Now it has three tiny spikes with few flowers on them. It is a pity that she cannot read this blog as she does not have a computer.  She always says: ‘I can live without a computer’ and refuses to do anything with it 🙂

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