Garden Spring November 2016


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Spring this year has been quite cold with plenty of strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Everything grow like crazy including the pesky weeds. Now it is cloudy with light cool breeze. Most of the Cymbidium orchids have finished blooming but none of them need repotting. Though plenty to write about, I will only take notes on few plants: Begonias, Brunfelsia australis and the early blooming Epiphyllums.

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Taman Lumut Dalam Gelas



Setelah banyak lihat artikel tentang menanam lumut di internet, akhirnya sisa lumut yang tadinya saya tanam didalam wadah plastik dijadikan terrarium. Terrarium adalah seni menanam didalam gelas.

Membuat taman lumut dalam gelas cocok untuk dilakukan oleh siapapun, mulai dari anak-anak sampai orang tua. Kegiatan ringan yang menghasilkan sesuatu yang unik dan cantik dengan meniru pemandangan lembah hijau. Ongkosnya juga murah, lumut tak usah dibeli, tapi bisa dicari di kebun atau daerah didekat sungai. Kerikil dan batupun bisa dicari disekitar halaman rumah. Membuatnya sederhana sekali tak usah memakai tanah karena lumut bisa tumbuh ditempat yang tak ada tanahnya misalnya di bebatuan. Syarat utama buat lumut agar hidup adalah harus senantiasa basah dan lembab. Jadi sering-sering disemprot air.

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Indoor Plants

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Yesterday I redid our terrarium. After few years, one plant, the Begonia rex dominated the limited space in the glass container. I hardly watered it so it went unchecked. If only I regularly trimmed the plants, probably it would never happen.

Other indoor plants seem to be good.

Terrarium and Begonia rex:




We always have a terrarium. It had only Peperomia caperata and it was getting too full. Yesterday I decided to redo it and I put completely different plants: African Violet, Peperomia columella, Drimiopsis sp, tiny little fern and some moss. I transplanted the Peperomia caperata in an old shoe planter that my friend V gave me a while ago.

To grow small and pretty indoor tropical plants that need high humidity is very hard to achieve in colder areas like here in Melbourne. To solve the problem, it is a good idea to  grow them inside a glass container, or just simply cover the whole pot/plant with a clear glass bowl. If you have an unused fish tank,  it will be big enough to grow larger plants to suit the size of the tank.

Terrarium can be completely covered (sometimes with a little opening for ventilation) or an open one. Personally I like the fully covered one as I grow tropical plants in it. For growing little cacti or succulents, it has to be the open one to have dry air and to prevent condensation.

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