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Spring this year has been quite cold with plenty of strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Everything grow like crazy including the pesky weeds. Now it is cloudy with light cool breeze. Most of the Cymbidium orchids have finished blooming but none of them need repotting. Though plenty to write about, I will only take notes on few plants: Begonias, Brunfelsia australis and the early blooming Epiphyllums.

Begonia: Two begonias are doing exceptionally well.

Begonia rex: The one that we have never flower, but the bright colours of the foliage are the ones that people admire most. One of this beautiful plants is grown inside a terrarium together with a green Peperomia caperata and a dwarf Sansevieria hahnii (the latter was rotten, not suitable for an enclosed terrarium) and the other one is in a ceramic pot. The one in terrarium has more grey/metallic colour leaves, while the one in the pot is more red.

This Begonia rex was divided and replanted earlier this year (January). It was previously grown in the octagon terrarium together with some other plants, but it grew more aggressively compared to the rest of the plants and overtook the whole tiny space of the terrarium. I divided the plant into 2 divisions, one was back inside the terrarium and the rest was planted in a pot. Even now the one inside the terrarium has grown much bigger than the Peperomia, I have to cut most of the bigger leaves off to make it smaller.

Begonia mazae nigricans: This scandent (trailing) begonia has pretty patterned leaves and the pretty pink blooms are dainty. The flowering time is Spring through Summer. Being monoecious, the male and female flowers occur in separate panicles on the same plant. This begonia looks very similar to B. bowerae the eyelash begonia. I am not sure if the two are related.

Brunfelsia australis: Other names are B. bonodora, B. latifolia. While the common names are Yesterday Today Tommorow, Kiss Me Quick. The perfumed flowers will be deep purple when first open and then will fade into light purple the next day and will be white on day 3. So the plant will bear flowers with these 3 different colours. Very unusual and pretty and the sweet smell resemble those of Jasmine flowers.

Early blooming Epiphyllums:

Yellow epiphyllum noid: The flowers are rather small with light fragrance.

Epiphyllum nelsonii syn. Chiapasia nelsonii:  many blooming almost at the same time. The lustrous pink flowers last about three days.

epiphyllum-nelsonia-chiapasia-nelsonia-oct-2016 epiphyllum-nelsonia-chiapasia-nelsonia-many-blooms


November 04, 2016:

A very special pray for BTP:

Lord, You know the dangers that this man will face today in the hostile environment. But I am placing my trust in You and knowing that the angel of the Lord will protect all of those who fear Him. Thank You that You are with him, even when he walks through the blackest valley, for my trust is in You. Please God, protect the people and the nation from all evil. May You be glorified in all I say and do today, in Jesus name I pray.