Summery Start of Autumn

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This early start of Autumn is very warm with pleasant temperatures around 30 degrees C. Some plants enjoy the heat that they mostly lacked during summer time. The bird’s eye chilli is having second batch of blooms. Kaempferia galanga plant look healthy and green but still no flowers yet. While the lemon grass suddenly grows tall and bushy. The purple Tibouchina ‘Jules’ and the yellow and orange Kniphofia are flowering nicely. Meanwhile the other two new orchids are still in blooms, the easy to grow Miltonias are bearing flower buds. The hot temperatures are also good for the Dragon Fruit that is growing a fruit for the first time.

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Kaempferia galanga / Kencur – Late Growing


The cooler than average Spring time this year had made the Kaempferia galanga (Kencur plant) grow much later. Last year it started to grow new leaves in early November, but this year it is just growing new shoots now by the end of December. The sudden hot and humid days recently had made it grow like crazy with more new growths than before. Hopefully that next autumn will be warm enough to make the rhizome mature before the plant lost foliage for winter time. They say that it will take around 7 months for the rhizome to mature.


Two Shades of Blue


Two shades of blue flowers, one is Bromeliad neoregelia and the other one is Kaempferia galanga. The latter one is not a perfect bloom, it did not open properly and just quickly wilted. Nonetheless, both look quite pretty in photos.


It is coming with a Vengeance


Eventually here in Melbourne the summer heat is coming with a vengeance. A four days in a row temperatures over 30 deg. C and it will reach the highest 41 deg. tomorrow. Christmas day forecast will be 34 deg.

All lawns are yellow and dry specked with yellow Dandelion flowers which obviously can better withstand the heat. Very annoying look, really.

Stop complaining about the stinking weather, instead look somewhere else where things are doing quite alright.

Kaempferia galanga (Kencur):

The heat has sped up the growth of this fragrant plant. The pretty and shiny leaves grow flat.

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Kaempferia galanga ‘Kencur’


Earlier this year we ordered Kaempferia galanga plant from Queensland and it arrived on May 18. We were very pleased to get it well packed to minimise damage during the delivery. May is the last month of Autumn in Australia, so I knew that the plant would be dormant during the winter months. All the leaves turned yellow and dry once the temperature was getting colder. Since then I had moved it into a bigger pot and I could see the roots were big and strong. Now it has grown 2 new leaf buds, still small but it shows that the life cycle continues and it is not dead. Before the leaves are fully open, they grow in an unusual curl shape, which is one of the characteristics of this plant. When the leaves are wet, they look oily and shiny. More

Tanaman Kencur


Tanaman Kencur Kaempferia galanga

Tanaman Kencur – Kaempferia galanga

Horeee…. pesanan tanaman kencur (Kaempferia galanga) dari Queensland sudah tiba pagi ini. Cepat juga, karena M (anakku) mengordernya hari Selasa yang lalu. Parcel tiba dalam bentuk kotak karton yang cukup besar untuk satu tanaman kecur. Eh…. ternyata diisi dengan kepingan stryrofoam untuk melindungi tanaman dalam perjalanan. Tanaman kencurnya masih banyak daunnya dan ditanam didalam seedling tub. Nanti  di musim dingin/winter tanaman akan dormant atau besar kemungkinan daunnya akan rontok,  Untuk seterusnya