What Happen to These Orchids?


Cymbidium Sleepy Sarah ‘Lovely’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Tetra Baron’:

This Cymbidium  is one of my early orchids. and it was repotted into three divisions few years ago. I gave one to a friend. Today it is only one pot of this orchid left and is still struggling to grow mature bulbs.


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Cymbidium Orchids – Last Flowers


The last flowering Cymbidium orchids of this year are the noid Yellow and Bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’.

From all the 5 pots of the noid Yellow, only 2 are flowering and each are having 2 spikes. These orchid flowers will be chartreuse in colour when first time open and gradually will look more yellow.

Bulbarrow ‘ Our Midge’ is still relatively small, I haven’t divided it yet and this year it is only having 1 spike. More

Cymbidium 2016 – More Flowers


Melbourne winter this year is very cold with extremely high rainfalls  and very strong wind. We are lucky to have a covered area to keep the blooming orchids out of bad weather elements, otherwise the continuous rainfall and chilly wind will easily destroy the beautiful blooms.

Most of the small cymbidium orchid in hanging pots have been flowering earlier, and now some of the larger ones are blooming.

Cymbidium ‘Claude Pepper’ x ‘Sensation’: This Cymbidium did not flower last year after division and repotting. This year all the three divisions have flowers, two with three spikes and one with a single spike. C. ‘Claude Pepper x ‘Sensation’ flowers have nice deep maroon colour, but the stems are short and each blooms are close together.


Cym. Artistic Impression ‘Snowdrop’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’

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Cymbidium orchid hybrid Artistic Impression ‘Snowdrop’ x Ruby Eyes ‘Red Baron’ has small flowers and interesting colour combination.

Anggrek Cymbidium – Perawatan dan Problemnya

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Belum lama ini seorang teman yang hobbynya juga mengkoleksi anggrek Cymbidium minta saya untuk membantu mengurus anggreknya yang sudah lama terlantarkan. Setelah bertahun-tahun lamanya tanpa perawatan, tanaman banyak yang tidak tumbuh sehat lagi.

Perawatan anggrek Cymbidium selain menyiram dan memberi pupuk, juga diperlukan untuk memindahkan tanaman kedalam pot baru (repotting) dengan memakai media tanam baru. Seringnya setelah sekitar dua atau tiga tahun, tanaman anggrek ini akan mulai memenuhi pot dengan banyaknya tumbuhan baru….. Untuk selengkapnya

Cymbidium Orchid – Spider Plant Invasion

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A friend brought in some Cymbidium orchids to repot. From far, some of them looked very leafy and green, but then I noticed that other plants had grown there.

Apparently she put her Cymbidium orchids near clumps of spider plants (Chlorophytum comosum)  that grow wildly in her garden. The seeds must had been blown by the wind and ended up in the orchid pots. Cymbidium orchid roots could not compete with the fleshy roots of the spider plant. I found that some of the situations were so bad that the invader’s roots just about to smother the frail orchid roots.

Spider plant  is commonly grown in hanging pots indoor, but if it is grown outside in garden bed, the plant will sooner or later multiplies and grow everywhere.

These photos show spider plants that had invaded a Cymbidium orchid and the vigorous roots had taken over and just about to kill the orchid roots. They were all dry and broken apart. Compared to Cymbidium orchid, Spider plant is very nasty and aggressive.

Hopefully the repotted orchid will grow well after all the invasive spider plants were removed.

Division and Repotting Failure


Last year I divided and repotted Cymbidium Paradisian Surprise – Devon Parish ‘Devon Falls’ x Sarah Jean ‘Peach’. I have done it many times and it was successful, these last two divisions were a total failure. The plant was so healthy and just had 15 spikes of very pretty yellow small blooms with purplish throat. Within few weeks after division and repotting the leaves started to wilt. It happened so quickly. Read more

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