Camellia japonica ‘Helenor’

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Camellia japonica Helenor - very pretty bloom

One of plants in my son’s garden is this old camellia tree. I call it a tree because it has grown quite tall around 3 meters+ high. It used to be more rounded before, but my son cut many side trunks in order to have more open driveway. The main trunk is almost covered with timber planks and other stuff as the house is still under renovation, but yet it is still blooming quite nicely.  More


Blueberry Plant

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Blueberry foliage and flowers August 19-2018.jpg

I just bought a small blueberry plant yesterday to grow in my son’s backyard. Though still a young plant, the bare branches have already had some flowers. To read more

Fragrant Winter Blooms

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These wonderful plants are from my son’s garden. Along the fence in the front yard grow quite a few of plants and three of them are blooming now in winter. I always fond of winter flowering plants especially if they are fragrance. These are the three wonderful plants that come to our surprise:

Daphne odora:

Daphne is very popular and well liked because of the perfumed flowers, but many people say that it is not easy to grow. This evergreen and low growing winter Daphne bush grows well in my son’s garden under the shade of a bottle-brush tree. It is really exiting to see this plant and to be able to enjoy the heavenly scent. Daphne hates lime and will grow well in more acidic soil that is rich in humus. To read more

Bromeliad Guzmania ‘Mathilda’


Bromeliad 0 Guzmania 'Mathilda' very prety flowers

Just bought this Guzmania ‘Mathilda’ this morning. The very pretty flower is quite unusual. The red flower bracts form a rounded rosette and the flowers are creamy colour.


Bromeliad – Membagi dan Menanam Kembali


Tanaman Bromeliad jenis Billbergia yang kami punya tumbuh besar. Tumbuhnya di dalam pot terlalu kepinggir, dan tanamann mudah roboh karena tidak seimbang dengan ukurannya yang besar dan berat. Jadilah saya putuskan untuk membaginya dan menanamnya kembali.

Billbergia tumbuh tidak seimbang terlalu kepinggir.

Billbergia tumbuh tidak seimbang terlalu kepinggir.

Pertama waktu dibeli 2 tahun lalu (2016) hanya satu tanaman didalam pot dan waktu itu berbunga. Kemudian tumbuh 4 anakan yang tumbuhnya agak miring dan letaknya kearah pinggir pot. Idealnya, tanaman Bromeliad harus ditanam tegak supaya air bisa terkumpul ditengah mahkota daun yang membentuk seperti reservoir air. Menyiramnya dengan cara mengisi reservoir ini yang kemudian secara natural air akan mengalir kebawah ke media tanam dan masih ada sisa air didalam reservoir daun.   Untuk selanjutnya

Membersihkan Tanaman Bromeliad


Bromeliad Billbergia view from top

Pagi tadi saya sempatkan untuk memeriksa semua tanaman Bromeliad di kebun belakang.

  • Setahun sekali sekitar musim gugur, tanaman Bromeliad perlu di bersihkan. Kalau letaknya dibawah pohon yang akan gugur daunnya lebih baik dipindahkan supaya tidak banyak daun kering jatuh diatasnya.
  • Periksa apakah tanaman sehat tidak terserang hama seperti misalnya kutu, keong, laba-laba dsb.
  • Cabut/potong semua daun yang mengering dan potong bekas tangkai bunga.
  • Bersihkan debu dan jaring laba-laba yang menempel.
  • Jenis Bromeliad yang menampung air ditengah mahkota daun bisa terlihat kotor. Ini bisa dibersihkan dengan membuang air dan melapnya atau menyemprotnya dengan air.
  • Tanaman yang sudah memenuhi pot dan banyak tumbah anakan, bisa di pisahkan dan ditanam kembali.

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Saving Dracaena – Rooting in Water Attempt


Few years ago I cut our tall Dracaena (corn plant) into three parts and replanted them in potting soil. They grew quite well.  Later on, I gave one (the top cutting) to a friend. Yesterday she gave me back the plant because it was not growing very well. The leaves were wilted and the cane looked crinkle.

Dracaena - Wilted dehydrated - March 08-2018

Unhappy Dracaena, leaves are wilted.

Today, after I thoroughly watered the unhappy plant, I took it out of the pot to check the root system. I found that the roots were very dry and after being watered well, the soil mix was still dry. It seemed to me that the soil mix repelled water. Why this happened? Perhaps my friend left it dry quite a while. Very dry potting mix can become water repellent, in which the water cannot penetrate all the soil and just runs out of the pot holes.  To continue

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