Cold start of winter. Today was mainly overcast with few sunny breaks. The gardens are still reasonably fresh and colourful thanks to the enough rainfalls. Now  I can hear the coo-cooing sound of the turtle doves while some other garden birds are chattering softly.

Along the footpath: The pear tree is bare but the rest of the plants look fresh. Crassulas  and  the Thryptomene bush are all blooming. Hibiscuses are still flowering though the blossoms are smaller now.

Along the Footpath June 15 - 2017

Along the driveway:


Winter Roses: I was too lazy to prune and unpruned roses can still flower in the winter time. The colour is not as bright, but they look quite nice.


Some time last year, I transplanted the Echeveria nodulosa (Painted, Painted Lady Echeveria) from the garden into a pot. It was eaten by snails and the plant looked terrible. Now it has started to grow much better and I really love the colour.


The pink Angel Wing Begonia in the back yard is still blooming and the old flowers start to get dry.


The New Guinea Impatients bush is growing tall and flower continuously all year around. Now the flowers are big and beautiful and always look nice in potographs.