Orchids 2019

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The early and very cold chill blasts this year had made orchids bloom better, many with multiple spikes. Some of the Cymbidiums are still in buds and the Dendrobium nobile is flowering again for the second time with 5 canes start to show flower buds. To our surprise the Zygopetalum is also blooming for the second time this year. The previous was in January this year.


Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’

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zygopetalum hollandra 'ever springs' jan - 2019

This orchid was bought almost 2 years ago and it is now blooming for the first time under my care. Read more

Blooming Orchids 2018

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Some of the Cymbidium flower buds have opened, so have with Zygopetalum orchids.


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Orchid Flower Buds


Cymbidium orchids: Quite a few of the spikes have burst open to reveal plump flower buds. Some other spikes are still quite small.

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More Orchid Flowers


Cymbidium bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’: This Cymbidium orchid that was grown from a small seedling is having 2 spikes this year. It took around 7 years or more for the seedling to flower. Now it has been the third time for it to bloom. I like the unusual ashy pink colour with a very dark maroon lip.

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Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’


I have had Zygopetalum maculatum orchid for a few years and I love it. The blooms look unusual and have beautiful fragrance. Though the leaves are prone to black spotting,it does not effect the plant at all. To reduce the problem it is better to keep the foliage dry and give the plant good air circulation.

For some time I had tried to find another variety of this orchid, and the last time I spotted one in Collector’s Corner in Garden World. It was the only one available and I would not miss the chance to have it.

The tag says Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’. The plant still looks very young with a short spike of three flowers. The colour and shape are slightly different from the one that I’ve already had. Hopefully, later on in the future both the plant and the blooms will be taller and bigger.

Zygopetalum Hollandra 'Ever Springs' Tag

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Zygopetalum maculatum


I love this easy to grow and easy to flower orchid. One year later under my care, it has grown two spikes and two more new growth/bulbs. Hopefully the new growth will also develop flowers later on. One of the flower spikes has opened and I can start to smell the beautiful fragrance. The blooms have unusual colour of green and brown-maroon, while the large lips are white with purple stripes.

Though the long and large leaves are prone to black spots, it seems that it does not really affect the performance of the plant. To minimise black spots to develop, it is better to keep the foliage dry and position the plant in an open airy spot under a sunny shade. Good air circulation can help to reduce spotting of the leaves.

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