Oncidium alliance – Maintenance

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It is winter here in Melbourne and the strong wind is very chilly. Not really an ideal time to stay outside. So… I decided to inspect the Oncidium alliance orchids for their winter clean ups. I could easily bring the plants inside to do it as they are quite small (compared to the large and untidy Cymbidiums).

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Anggrek Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’ dan Psychopsis papilio


Anggrek Miltassia Shelob ‘Tolkien’:

Tepat setahun kemudian, anggrek hibrida jenis Miltassia ini berbunga kembali. Bentuknya seperti laba-laba dengan corak dan kombinasi warna yang aneh. Anggrek yang cukup mudah pemeliharaannya ini, diberi nama berdasarkan karakter laba-laba bernama Shelob didalam film The Lord of The Rings. Sedangkan Tolkien adalah nama penulis buku The Two Towers yang dibuat film The Lord of The Rings.

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Summery Start of Autumn

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lady beetle

This early start of Autumn is very warm with pleasant temperatures around 30 degrees C. Some plants enjoy the heat that they mostly lacked during summer time. The bird’s eye chilli is having second batch of blooms. Kaempferia galanga plant look healthy and green but still no flowers yet. While the lemon grass suddenly grows tall and bushy. The purple Tibouchina ‘Jules’ and the yellow and orange Kniphofia are flowering nicely. Meanwhile the other two new orchids are still in blooms, the easy to grow Miltonias are bearing flower buds. The hot temperatures are also good for the Dragon Fruit that is growing a fruit for the first time.

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More Orchids 2016


Most of the Cymbidium orchids are still blooming, while two other orchids also in flower.

Oncidium ‘Dancing lady’:


More Cymbidums and Others


Wasp (2)

The spring weather was back to cold again in the last few days, and today is also grey and cool around 15 deg. C. I spotted a wasp the other day and took few photos. It was more than likely a European wasp, the colours are yellow and black. Meanwhile more orchids are blooming.

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Late Autumn 2015


13/05/2015: Snow flurries in May?? It is snowing on Mount Dandenong, Kinglake, Toolangi, north-east of Melbourne and on top of Mount William, in the Grampians. Overnight temperature was around 6 deg. C and now it is 10.4 deg. with on-offrains and hails.

Snow near Toolangi

Snow near Toolangi


Pear Tree in late Autumn

Pear Tree in late Autumn

Windy, wet and cold Autumn…………..Today will have a chance of hail and storm. Our pear trees are displaying brilliant autumn colours. Most of the leaves are still intact. Some of the Cymbidium orchids have developed some flower spikes, but my prediction is that quite a few of them will not flower this blooming season as most of the new bulbs are still too young. The biggest surprise is that the Beallara ‘Eurostar’ is suddenly having a spike (about a month ago was still none), while the Dancing Lady still has not shown any flower growth.  More

New Orchids, One Year Later


Last year around June I bought 3 orchids: Zygopetalum maculatum, Oncidium ‘Dancing Lady’ and Beallara ‘Eurostar’. Now almost one year later, only the Zygopetalum is developing 2 flower spikes. The Dancing Lady grows very well with many new bulbs, but there is no sign of flower spikes at all. When the Beallara orchid was bought it was a very small plant with only 1 backbulb and 1 flowering bulb. So far it has grown another new bulb, but no flower spike is growing.

Zygopetalum maculatum:

The plant is vigorous, the long and wide leaves grow quite large. I have noticed that the flower spikes grow at the same time as the new bulb, side by side. I found it a little bit odd. It seems that growing this orchid is quite easy, but the plant is prone to black spots. Ours has suffered from few black spots, but after I avoid the foliage from getting wet, it seems that it is not getting worse and the spots kind of faded. I read that Zygopetalum hates to have the leaves wet and also it needs good air circulation to avoid fungal problems.

Zygopetalum maculatum

Zygopetalum maculatum Orchid April 2015


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