Garden Mid Autumn 2016


Autumn Colour Washington Hawthorn - Crataegus phaenopyrum April 2016

It was a very nice warm day today around 25 deg. C. Many of the Cymbidium orchids have grown flower spikes. Jade plants (Crassula) also started to develop flower buds, the second flowering time of the year. Our deciduous bonsai trees are displaying bright autumn leaves. Few plants that are worth noting right now:

Our small Feijoa tree failed to bear fruits in the last few years due to extreme high summer temperatures, More


End of Spring 2014


One Part of Front Garden November 2014

One Part of Front Garden November 2014

This seasonal garden note will consist of some plants that I haven’t written for awhile to see what have been happening  to them right now.

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Feijoa – Acca sellowiana

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I love fruits and the ones that I can eat in large quantity are cherries and feijoas. I can eat cherries and feijoas one after another until all are gone, and I never have enough of them.

We planted our feijoa tree over one year ago and now it is flowering. The tree is only small about one meter high. I hope that it will have some fruits this autumn. We never expected that it would flower very soon, so it came to our surprise when I saw the beautiful red flowers the other day.


About Feijoa:

  • Feijoa – Acca sellowiana. Also called pineapple guava.
  • Native to Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina.
  • Small rounded evergreen tree up to 7 m high.
  • Attractive glossy dark-green foliage, velvety grey underneath.
  • Pretty dark red flowers.
  • Small egg-shaped fruits, similar aroma to guava.
  • Soft fruit pulp is sweet and a little bit gritty.
  • Grow best in warm temperate to sub-tropical climate
  • Need winter chill to produce well (but not lower than 5 deg. C).
  • Ripe fruits drop on the ground in autumn.

 Update March 29, 2012:

At last the feijoa tree is having few fruits now (autumn in Australia). The first two flowering years did not produce any fruit at all. This year I tried hand pollination and it seemed to work:) They are still small and will get ripe around winter time.

Update May 27, 2012:

The few feijoa fruits are getting bigger, but they still look quite furry….. I think they’ll still need few more weeks to ripen.