Begonia rex – Tiny Flowers

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Rex Begonias are planted mainly for the pretty and colourful foliage rather than their small insignificant flowers. The leaves are big with all sorts of patterns and colours that look like they are painted on. This tropical plant which is also known as Painted-leaf Begonia will be happy to be grown indoor near a brightly lit window here in Melbourne. It is also suitable to grow inside a terrarium. Read more

Garden Spring November 2016


Spring Nov 2016.jpg

Spring this year has been quite cold with plenty of strong winds and heavy rainfalls. Everything grow like crazy including the pesky weeds. Now it is cloudy with light cool breeze. Most of the Cymbidium orchids have finished blooming but none of them need repotting. Though plenty to write about, I will only take notes on few plants: Begonias, Brunfelsia australis and the early blooming Epiphyllums.

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Indoor Plants

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Yesterday I redid our terrarium. After few years, one plant, the Begonia rex dominated the limited space in the glass container. I hardly watered it so it went unchecked. If only I regularly trimmed the plants, probably it would never happen.

Other indoor plants seem to be good.

Terrarium and Begonia rex: