Autumn Colours


Ash Tree - Flaxinus angustifolia Jells Park May 18-2017

The sudden drop of temperature in May brings fog and frost. Slowly the deciduous leaves turn into yellow, orange and auburn red. Warmer weather in the previous months has made the autumn colours come very late. Our pear trees are still green.

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2 Small Trees for a Small Courtyard


Japanese maple - nice garden decor.2

The other day I saw one of the most beautiful courtyards with a very minimal use of plants and decoration. The focal points of the narrow and enclosed courtyard consist of a big pot in the centre and a Japanese Maples tree on each sides. To accentuate the view, garden spot-lightings were installed and they create a soft romantic feeling at night. There is no lawn, instead the ground is covered with pieces of crushed white granite stones. More