Fragrant Dendrobium delicatum


Dendrobium delicatum October 2017

It is the time when these tiny Dendrobium delicatum orchid flowers bloom. The lingering sweet fragrance is telling us that they are there. The look is quite simple; small and white in colour with a faint splash of mauve. The speckled labellum is in contrast with the yellow tongue. An Australian native orchid that is said to be a natural cross between Dandrobium kingianum x D. tarberi. Easy to grow and always flower every year.

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Beringin Pencekik – Ficus watkinsiana



Semuanya bermula pada sebuah biji beringin jenis Ficus watkinsiana yang disebarkan oleh kotoran burung. Biji yang tidak tercerna ini jatuh pada lekukan dahan sebuah pohon besar di hutan yang kemudian mulai tumbuh. Sedikit demi sedikit beringin ini mulai tumbuh batang dan daunnya. Namun yang jauh lebih cepat tumbuh adalah akarnya. Akar-akar ini menumbuhkan banyak cabang dan semuanya tumbuh menempel pada batang pohon yang ditumpanginya dan menjulur kebawah kearah tanah. Yang sudah menyentuh permukaan tanah akan menanamkan diri untuk bisa menghisap air dan nutrisi tanah hutan yang lembab dan subur.

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It is coming with a Vengeance


Eventually here in Melbourne the summer heat is coming with a vengeance. A four days in a row temperatures over 30 deg. C and it will reach the highest 41 deg. tomorrow. Christmas day forecast will be 34 deg.

All lawns are yellow and dry specked with yellow Dandelion flowers which obviously can better withstand the heat. Very annoying look, really.

Stop complaining about the stinking weather, instead look somewhere else where things are doing quite alright.

Kaempferia galanga (Kencur):

The heat has sped up the growth of this fragrant plant. The pretty and shiny leaves grow flat.

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Blush Tulip Oak


Argyrodendron actinophyllum - Royal Botanic Gardens

Argyrodendron actinophyllum – Royal Botanic Gardens

What a handsome tree! I saw it at the Royal Melbourne Botanic Gardens. More

Australian Painted Lady

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Quite a few of these medium size orange brown butterflies in the garden lately. They like to eat the nectars of the mauve African daisies. Apparently, what differs an Australian native painted lady butterfly ( Vanessa kershawi ) from other painted lady butterflies is the bluish colour of the center of the spots on the back wings.

Australian Painted Lady

Australian painted lady - Vanessa kershawi butterfly

Australian Painted Lady - Vanessa kershawi

Aussie Painted lady

A Magpie and Ponds

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There is a footpath behind our son’s place that leads to a couple of small ponds. There are few ducks and ducklings swimming in the water. Some small white ibis birds are foraging further up the field. I can hear the soothing sound of frogs singing. The grassy land along the path is a bit boggy after a rainfall. A nice area to go for a walk or a bike ride.

The nearly tame magpie bird in his back yard is enjoying the warm early spring sun. I am not sure it is a male or female, but it is always friendly. Many other magpies like to strike people during breeding season. I can go near it and take pictures…. but it has ‘look only but no touch’ attitude. I like to hear it’s warbling noise.

Pond 2 - Narre Warren South

A Pond - Narre Waren South


Magpie Bird

Magpie Bird


A video of magpie singing by crocdoc2:

Green Grocer Cicada


What a weird looking face

Cicada nymph shell

A while ago I found an empty ‘Cicada Nymph’ clinging on a lemon leaf. It was a nice surprise. I noticed lately that cicada season had come again this time since the last time we heard the noise (never remember exactly when). It was louder if the weather was hot, but they were not easy to spot. I was so curious to see what kind of cicadas they were. Many times when they were making noise, I came closer to find them, but I was never able to see them. Until two days ago when I was trimming the Duranta bush, I saw a large green insect. When I looked closely, I realized that it was a cicada. It was a ‘Green Grocer Cicada ( Cyclochila australasiae),  a cicada species commonly found in eastern part of Australia.

It is true that many times in life, you will not find what you are looking for if you are deliberately searching for it. But when you are not looking at all, then suddenly it is there for you to see.

Green Grocer Cicada

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