Dendrobium nobile 2019

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Back in early December 2013, this Dendrobium nobile orchid plant was given to us as a mystery bonus when we bought Sarcochilus orchids. While all the Sarcochilus plants died of scale infestation, the young Den nobile survives.

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Dendrobium kingianum vs delicatum


Left picture is Dendroboum delicatum and the right is D. kingianum

Dendrobium kingianum is also known as Thelychiton kingianus and the common name is Pink Rock Orchid. Cold growing lithophytic orchid (rarely terrestrial or epiphytic)) which is native to Australia.

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Dendrobium kingianum – Repotting


I have had this Dendrobium kingianum for a long time and it always flower poorly. Either no flower at all or only very few. The plant always look healthy and it hardly has any keikis at all. Dendrobium kingianum is notorious of having too many keikis.

Anyway, I decided to re-pot the plant this morning as the growing media had gone down which indicated that it has disintegrated. The new growing media consisted of orchid bark chips mixed with scoria pebbles. The roots looked very healthy. I got rid of the old and leafless pseudo bulbs. It went to the same pot with fresh potting media. Hopefully it will flower much better next time.

Orchid Bargain

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Quite a few orchid plants are on sale with much reduced price in Collectors Corner. Though most of these orchids are near the end of blooming time and the blooms are not not as fresh anymore, but it is really a bargain. The flowers are soon wilted away, but they will grow back again next year as the plants are mature. They are not small seedlings where you have to wait up to 5 years to see them bloom.

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Epidendrum stamfordianum

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Here in Melbourne it is a rare and pretty orchid plant. The size is much smaller compared to rangy E. ibaguense (crucifix orchid). Hopefully it will grow as easy.

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Coelogyne lactea Orchid

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Coelogyne lactea is also known as C. amoena and the common name is the Milk White Coelogyne. It is native to Burma, Thailand, Laos and Vietnam at elevation about 1100 meters above sea level.

This orchid is small, not more than 30 cm high. Each rounded bulb has two leaves, about 20 cm long. Short erect inflorescence is around 25 cm long with few blooms (between 6 to 8). The white dainty looking flowers are fragrant with yellow center ( lip and throat ). It is often confused with C. flaccida, the main difference is that C. lactea has erect inflorence and C. flaccida flowers are hanging down.

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Aechmea recurvata

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Our friend Viv gave me this plant and it was given to her by our other friend Ratih. Sadly, Ratih is no longer with us, so this plant somehow brings a fond memory of her.

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