Strelitzia reginae Seeds

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I spent some time this morning to trim the Bird of Paradise plant (Strelitzia reginae) as it was getting too large. There were many dried spent flowers and I was amazed to see the black seeds that seemed to grow on fluffy bright orange beds. They just looked so alive while anything else of the flowers looked dead. The fluffy orange things are seed stems by the look of them. Very odd indeed.

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Lc. Wakayama ‘White Wedding Song’

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Lc .Wakayama 'White Wedding Song'.2019.April 15

One year later after I bought it, the Laeliocattleya orchid is blooming again. It is having 1 spike with three flowers. It is the very first orchid from Cattleya allliance that I manage to bloom. When I bought it last year, the flowers were pure white, but now it seems to change colour. The blooms seem to have green tint.  More

Zygopetalum Hollandra ‘Ever Springs’

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zygopetalum hollandra 'ever springs' jan - 2019

This orchid was bought almost 2 years ago and it is now blooming for the first time under my care. Read more

Den nobile – Mystery Revealed


Dendrobium nobile flowers October 07-2018

Back in early December 2013, this Dendrobium nobile plant was given to us as a mystery bonus when we bought Sarcochilus orchids. While all the Sarcochilus plants died of scale infestation, the young Den nobile survives. To continue

Dendrobium nobile – Flower Buds

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Dendrobium nobile flower buds

Finally, after a long wait, the spikes have revealed their small flower buds. They are green with splash of red. Still cannot imagine what the flowers will look like, green can turn into white. There will be four canes with blooms. I have applied a weak solution of orchid fertiliser for flowering season. It seems that this Dendrobium that I have knows exactly where to grow flowers and where to grow new growths. All the flowers are correctly growing along the canes while the new growths for future canes are growing from the bottom. I saw other people had keikis instead of flowers.


Camellia japonica ‘Helenor’

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Camellia japonica Helenor - very pretty bloom

One of plants in my son’s garden is this old camellia tree. I call it a tree because it has grown quite tall around 3 meters+ high. It used to be more rounded before, but my son cut many side trunks in order to have more open driveway. The main trunk is almost covered with timber planks and other stuff as the house is still under renovation, but yet it is still blooming quite nicely.  More

Blueberry Plant

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Blueberry foliage and flowers August 19-2018.jpg

I just bought a small blueberry plant yesterday to grow in my son’s backyard. Though still a young plant, the bare branches have already had some flowers. To read more

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