Phalaenopsis Water Culture 7 Bulan Kemudian


Phalaenopsis Water Culture February 20-2018

Setelah melihat video-nya Samantha’s Orchids di YouTube tentang menanam anggrek Phalaenopsis dengan media tanam air (water culture), kira-kira 7 bulan yang lalu saya mencobanya. Sekarang masih hidup atau tidak?  Untuk kelanjutannya


Fragrant White Flowers


Jasmine - delightful fragrance.jpg

Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac, Melati):

At the moment, the Arabian Jasmine that is grown in a pot has many flowers. I think the temperate climate of Melbourne has made the flower size kind of smaller, but the fragrance is still the same, delightfully sweet. I picked a handful and now during the night, the amazing smell fills our living room.  To read more

Foto Orb disaat Gerhana Bulan


2 Blue Orbs during super blue moon January 31-2018 10.50 pm

Sudah dua kali kamera Panasonic Lumix FH1 yang saya punya menghasilkan foto yang ada penampakan orb (lingkaran) warna biru. Aneh memang, lingkaran bulat ini tak kasat mata, tapi timbul di foto. Lingkaran bulat warna biru ini tampak begitu nyata.

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Super Blue Blood Moon Watch


The moon started to be visible around 8.00 PM and it was bright and big. It was in fact a super blue moon, though the colour was more golden to me than blue.

Took few photos with my camera. Not very good images, but they are the best that my camera can take. One photo is the super moon with some plants and cloud visible, also a couple of street lights down below. However there are two mysterious objects, one near the bright moon and another is near the cloud. What are they? Perhaps they are just another trick that a small digital camera is capable to do.

When the eclipse started to happen, the sky was clear with no clouds around. Here in Melbourne area, the eclipse started around 11.00 pm and it was fully covered around 11.40. The longest wait I had ever experience for a lunar eclipse. Now it is 1.15 am, and it has only just started to come out of the shadow. It will be around 2.00 am before it fully out of the shadow. I will not wait, after posting this entry I am going to sleep. Oh yes, the eclipse moon looks quite red, but it has hung high in the sky so the size is much reduced.

Why a super blue blood moon is regarded as rare? Because it is three special occasions that happen all at once.

  • It is a super moon because the moon appears to look larger than usual as it enters the closest distance to earth.
  • It is a blue moon because it is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year, either third of four full moons in a season, or a second full moon in a month of the common calendar (* Wikipedia). So blue moon is not about the colour. Probably it is related to the saying: “Once in a blue moon” which means a rare occasion.
  • It is a blood moon when the moon will usually look reddish during a total lunar eclipse.

Garden Mid January 2018


So far we only had few days of hot spells this summer. In the last few days, the much welcome rains had made the garden fresh and alive. Took few shots of flowers in the garden. Hibiscus and second batch of roses add more colours of the garden.

Roses do better in mild weather. This summer, with much less hot days, they are blooming for the second time. One photo of a couple of standard roses was from son’s place.

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Phalaenopsis Kokedama


Phalaenopsis kokedama
It is possible to grow Phalaenopsis orchids as kokedamas. Ours are blooming for the second time this year. The moss balls are quickly to get dry, so for those who are busy, this method may not be suitable.

Rose ‘Abracadabra’


Rose abracadabra - long stem.jpg

We are very busy right now helping our son to move into his newly bought home which is around 30 km away from our place. The pebbles layered garden bed around the house is bare, and my task is to select and grow some ornamental plants.

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