Another fragrant white flower is Murraya paniculata. Some people call it Orange Jasmine or mock orange and it is the close relative of Murraya koenigii  the curry leaf tree that is used in Indian cooking. In Indonesia people call it ‘kemuning’ and there is a very popular song about the flower. I always think that most of the beautiful scented flowers are pure white in colour like for example jasmine, gardenia, tuberose and stephanotis.

We have two murrayas grown in the garden, one in the front yard and the other one in the back yard. It is very easy to grow here in Melbourne as we have quite warm temperate climate. I grow them mostly for the delicate sweet scent, but when not in flower, this evergreen little bush can add colour during cold and dull winter days with its pretty green foliage. Naturally grows in compact shape, Murraya paniculata respond well to pruning and trimming. Some people use this plant for hedging.

About the plant:

  • Tropical evergreen rounded shrub that can grow up to 3m high or more.
  • Native to South, Southeast Asia, China and Australasia.
  • Sweet scented white flowers which produce fleshy small red-orange fruits.
  • Very easy to grow in warmer climate, tolerate wide range of garden soil conditions.
  • Mulch and apply manure and compost for better flower.
  • Spray the plant with white oil for sooty mould and scale problems.
  • Traditional medicinal use of leaves, barks and roots as analgesic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.

There is a love song ‘Kemuning’, an old Indonesian song but still well loved. This version was sung by Mus Mulyadi:

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