Autumn Colour Washington Hawthorn - Crataegus phaenopyrum April 2016

It was a very nice warm day today around 25 deg. C. Many of the Cymbidium orchids have grown flower spikes. Jade plants (Crassula) also started to develop flower buds, the second flowering time of the year. Our deciduous bonsai trees are displaying bright autumn leaves. Few plants that are worth noting right now:

Our small Feijoa tree failed to bear fruits in the last few years due to extreme high summer temperatures, and the tiny fruits got aborted. This year’s summer was quite mild here around Melbourne, and the young tree has managed to have quite a few fruits. They will be ripe by the end of winter when they have fallen off the tree.

Lately the sweet smell of Murraya paniculata flowers once again greets us every time we open the front door. This plant flowers twice a year, in spring and autumn. Respond well to clipping and shaping, also very good for hedging.

How a flowering plant that is grown in a hanging pot can brighten up a place around the house. This trailing Pelargonium with single red blooms looks so pretty against the weather board wall near our front door. With a little bit of complete fertilizer, it will flower for a long period of time.

While our pear trees still have green foliage, the maple bonsai trees and the Chinese pistachio have started to have autumn colours. Meanwhile, the Washington hawthorn that grows on the nature strip has also had reddish foliage. There are not many places here around Melbourne that have many deciduous trees. Only patches of autumn colours can be seen among too many evergreens.

The best autumn blaze that I had ever seen was during my stay in Rockford, Illinois back in 1979.  In the autumn months of October and November the whole valleys were blanketed with riots of autumn colours. Orange, crimson, red, yellow and auburn leaves that dominated the scenery really took my breath away. The memory of blazing colours, the burnt autumn smell, the crisp and coolness of the air were so sweet and invigorating……. a reminder of a good time past.