Phalaenopsis - Kokedama small pink flowers.jpg

For me, growing Phalaenopsis orchids here in Melbourne is like playing a lottery. If I am lucky, I will win and they will grow with no hassle at all. But from how many I bought so far only about one third of them survive. Why? I think it depends mainly on these two things:

  • Some hybrids are definitely better than the others. Some are more immune against diseases. Some are more tolerance to cold winter temperatures.
  • Conditions of the plants when you bought them: How long have they been sitting in display in the shop. Are the roots healthy?

These are the ones that are flowering right now, one more will follow in a few days and another kokedama still has a very small spike :

November 21,2016:

This small Phalaenopsis with yellow and pink stripes is actually Rika’s, and she let me adopt it to look after along with 3 others, but only 2 manage to survive. The other one is still struggling, hopefully it will recover.