Went for a walk this morning and collected two varieties of mosses that grow along the ditch. One is very fine and velvety, the other is similar to sphagnum moss, coarse and trailing. I have no idea what their names are.

I decided to use the fine moss for covering one kokedama and the other by using the coarse variety. With the coarse and trailing one, I have to trim them to look nice and tidy. As mosses like to be moist, I have to regularly spray the surface with a bit of water just enough without affecting the Phalaenopsis orchids. Deep watering will be needed by feeling the weight of the balls.

Note: Before using, I discarded debris as much as I could and rinsing the mosses few times with water to reduce contamination that could affect the orchid plant.


Left: Kokedama covered with fine moss. Right: with coarse and trailing moss.

I used the leftover moss (coarse one) for covering the rattle snake plant (Calathea lancifolia):