Help!  My Cymbidium orchid is turning green this year. I hate green flowers!

Last year I bought this Cymbidium orchid in Caribbean market  (in Melbourne, Australia)and the colour was bright yellow with dark red throat. The reason I bought it because I liked the colour and also it was quite cheap in the market.

I don’t know exactly what kind of Cymbidium orchid it is as the seller herself did not know the name for it. After flowering last year, I re-potted it as it had already over crowded and almost cracked the pot. I found that whoever grew it did not even bother to use orchid mix/medium. It was grown in ordinary soil and it had become so compacted so it was so hard to loosen the roots. I was so afraid that I damaged them. Anyway, I managed to transfer it to a slightly bigger pot and I used proper orchid mix which consists of old wooden chips.

A year later today, it is having five spikes of blooms. I have applied special fertilizer for orchids and I also used sea weed mixture. However, I can’t believe what I see! My Cymbies have turned green with only a very slight yellow tint. I am not really happy to see this colour as I don’t like green flowers.

turning green

Does anyone also have the same problem? What can cause Cymbidium orchid to change colour? Is it because of the amount of the sunlight , or is it the medium or the fertilizer? How can I make it yellow again?