One of my favourite orchid cactus is this early shimmering pink bloomer with confusing names. Even the name tag has two different names. At the front it is written Chiapsis nelsonii, but the other side says Chiapasia nelsonii.
Plant Name TagWhen I checked online, there are quite a few names: Disocactus nelsonii, Epiphyllum nelsonii, Chiapasia nelsonii, Phyllocactus nelsonii, Phyllocactus chiapensis. Frankly, I don’t even know which names are correct, as I am not an expert.

About the plant:

This orchid cactus from Chiapas area in Mexico produces incredible numbers of bright pink 8 cm blooms for a few weeks in Spring. Each stem will produce a flower at almost every areole creating a spectacular sight.

This Chiapas beauty is well suited to outdoor growing in almost all parts of Australia although areas that do not experience cold in winter may not be able to flower the plants.  This plant prefers shade levels of about 50%, less than 30%  will cause leaves  to be sun bleached and more than 70% may retard flowering. It prefers open composted soils or in pots any good quality potting mix. In extremely cold and wet climate, keep plant dry in winter or provide a very well drained potting media.

Fertilise when new growth appears in spring (after flowering), and keep plant well watered  all through growing season. Reduce watering in winter to encourage flower initiation for spring. Stems may need support for best result. Prune back plant every 2 to 3 years to encourage new vigorous growths.

(Source: Paradisia Nursery)

These are the photos of our blooming C. nelsonii right now:

Disocactus nelsonii – Chiapasia nelsonii – Epiphyllum nelsonii

Disocactus nelsonii – Chiapasia nelsonii jpg

Disocactus nelsonii

Disocactus nelsonii - Early Bloomer