Young Owl

This afternoon we found a small owl with large orange eyes. It sat on a rock in our front garden underneath a rose bush. When we came closer, it did not move and we were afraid that the young bird was injured and could not fly. So we put it in a large carton box and brought it to the closest vet clinic.

Well, at last the poor owl is in good hands now, as they are going to look after it until it is strong enough to let it go. They are going to release it back in our street, as owls are territorial birds… it has to go back where it is found. Maybe they are nesting inside a hollow trunk in one of some large gum trees across the street.

Wow, never thought that we have owls live in our suburb:) It has the most beautiful orange eyes! I am not sure what kind of owl it is. But the orange eyes tell us that more than likely it is crepuscular which is active around dawn and dusk. Owls with dark brown and black eyes are nocturnal where they hunt at night and the yellow eyes indicate that they are diurnal, and prefer to hunt during the day.

Baby Owl in our garden

Baby Owl