After the terrifying storm last night that battered Melbourne and most other places in Victoria, our garden was survived from damage. The flowering Genista racemosa is looking a little battered right now but still quite pretty to look at. This time we are very lucky, but many others were not so lucky.

Spring - October 2013

Last night, right after midnight the north westerly wind reached 142 km/hour in bay areas and it was around 120 km/hour in our area. Over and over again I could see the grey cloud was faintly lighted up but there were no thunders at all. It seemed that each splash of light was followed by a new force of terrifying gust of wind. The brighter it was, the stronger and angrier wind blew. The noise was so loud, I was afraid that our old weatherboard house would be blown away. Some areas in Melbourne lost power as trees fell over power lines. Many houses were damaged from blown off roof, falling trees and other debris.

Roof ripped off

The Image: from ‘’ – our trusted news paper.