A friend asked me to repot/divide some of her cymbidium orchids. One plant was quite healthy despite weeds investations. Actually I had never seen any orchid plants with so many different weeds growing around it. The second one was a small plant with all the backbulbs rotten and empty, but one pseudo-bulb seemed okey with healthy looking leaves.

The last one was the sad one. It was not a very big plant (not yet filling up the pot), the empty space of the pot was abolutely full of weeds. Even it looked like a couple of melon or pumpkin seeds had started to germinate there. Ha…. The bad thing was that half of this poor cymbidium was ridden with black spots.

I am not an expert ( I’m not sure what the spots were), but I just hope that they were not orchid viruses. Hopefully, it was just a bad case of over watering and fungal problems. I managed to save half of the plants with healthy looking foliage. Fingers cross, I just wish that it will thrive and flower later.

Black Spots on Cymbidium Leaves

Young Pseudo-bulb – Infected by black spots near the bottom of the foliage

The picture above was the part of the plant that I managed to salvage. Oh yes, my friend said that these three pots of cymbidiums had refused to flower for a long time. Anyway, for my help she gave me a beautiful cascading Marvin Gaye ‘Royale’. Thanks Rieka!