When I bought this plant, the seller in Caribbean market told me that the name of the plant was ‘Yesterday-Today -Tomorrow’ and other people called it ‘Kiss Me Quick’. He was such a jolly old guy with his thick Italian accent, and at that time I thought he was joking about the descriptions of the plant. He said: “The flowers changed colour….. yesterday was purple, today is light blue and tomorrow… white. Many flowers and smell very nice.” I had never heard such a thing at all! Flowers would not changed colour like that!

Anyway, I bought one pot of the unusual plant. At home, before planting, I googled it to get informations. To my surprise, the old fellow was not kidding! He told the true facts about the plant.

These are the informations about the plant that I gathered from various sites:

  • Botanic name: Brunfelsia australis/B. bonodora/B. latifolia. There are 30 known different species of Brunfelsia.
  • Common name: Yesterday-Today-Tomorrow, Kiss Me Quick.
  • Plant origin: Tropical parts of America (South America).
  • Evergreen and will grow up to around 4 m. high and about 2 m. wide.
  • Grow well in warmer climate, Zone 9b – 12.
  • Need rich soil, medium water and sunny position.
  • Masses of sweet smelling flowers in spring that are purple when first open, change into light blue the next day and fade to white.
  • Dense foliage, shiny medium green in colour. Young leaves are purple in colder weather.
  • Though rarely develop, the brown berries are poisonous to dogs.
  • Suitable for borders and hedging.

I am really glad to buy this plant. It seems that it is happily growing in the front yard next to the Port Wine Magnolia. Now it is flowering and the beautiful scent is similar to jasmine flowers.

Kiss me quick….. kind of reminds me of a very popular old song by Elvis Presley.  This is a Youtube link to listen to the song: