What a weird looking face

Cicada nymph shell

A while ago I found an empty ‘Cicada Nymph’ clinging on a lemon leaf. It was a nice surprise. I noticed lately that cicada season had come again this time since the last time we heard the noise (never remember exactly when). It was louder if the weather was hot, but they were not easy to spot. I was so curious to see what kind of cicadas they were. Many times when they were making noise, I came closer to find them, but I was never able to see them. Until two days ago when I was trimming the Duranta bush, I saw a large green insect. When I looked closely, I realized that it was a cicada. It was a ‘Green Grocer Cicada ( Cyclochila australasiae),  a cicada species commonly found in eastern part of Australia.

It is true that many times in life, you will not find what you are looking for if you are deliberately searching for it. But when you are not looking at all, then suddenly it is there for you to see.

Green Grocer Cicada