Some people say that this lavender from Canary Islands is not as aromatic and pretty as English or French lavenders. However, I love the towering extra long stems and the tiny clusters of deep purple blue flowers.

Lavandula canariensis needs sandy and well drain soil, plenty of sun light and away from heavy frost. The evergreen velvety lacy leaves are grey green in colour and grow in a compact clump. In mild climate such as Melbourne, this plant will bloom almost all year around. Regular trimming of finished flowers will make the plant look nicer and tidier.

Though much less aromatic, this Canary Island lavender is also known to have medicinal properties. It can be used for treatment of stomach ache, internal parasites, bringing down fever and also acts as disinfectant if applied to skin.

The deep purple blue colour of the flowers will go very well with yellow colours such as Golden Diosma. In my front yard, this Lavender also sits close to the Genista racemosa which is also native to Canary Islands.



Happy Gardening…….