I bought an unusual plant early this year. At first glance I thought it was Epiphyllum, but on the plain-tag it was written Rhipsalis platycarpa and it had no other information about the plant at all. I love the beautiful shape of the leaves and the red burgundy tint along the edges. At that time I was not so sure it will flower or not, but the beauty of the plant itself was enough to steal money from my purse. Ha… ha…

I tried to get informations about the plant online but only few. Just like epiphyllums, it is an epiphytic cactus and it is also known as ’Mistletoe Cactus’. There are many species of Rhipsalis and all naturally grow in tropical forests around the world. Rhipsalis platycarpa is one species which originally comes from Brazil and Colombia.

Now, the plant is covered with many flower buds that grow on every nodes of the leaves. When open, they will show pale greenish yelow-white little blooms.

I just cannot wait for the flower buds to open, and when they do I will surely post the pictures.

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