I love fruits and the ones that I can eat in large quantity are cherries and feijoas. I can eat cherries and feijoas one after another until all are gone, and I never have enough of them.

We planted our feijoa tree over one year ago and now it is flowering. The tree is only small about one meter high. I hope that it will have some fruits this autumn. We never expected that it would flower very soon, so it came to our surprise when I saw the beautiful red flowers the other day.


About Feijoa:

  • Feijoa – Acca sellowiana. Also called pineapple guava.
  • Native to Brazil, Colombia, Uruguay and Argentina.
  • Small rounded evergreen tree up to 7 m high.
  • Attractive glossy dark-green foliage, velvety grey underneath.
  • Pretty dark red flowers.
  • Small egg-shaped fruits, similar aroma to guava.
  • Soft fruit pulp is sweet and a little bit gritty.
  • Grow best in warm temperate to sub-tropical climate
  • Need winter chill to produce well (but not lower than 5 deg. C).
  • Ripe fruits drop on the ground in autumn.

 Update March 29, 2012:

At last the feijoa tree is having few fruits now (autumn in Australia). The first two flowering years did not produce any fruit at all. This year I tried hand pollination and it seemed to work:) They are still small and will get ripe around winter time.

Update May 27, 2012:

The few feijoa fruits are getting bigger, but they still look quite furry….. I think they’ll still need few more weeks to ripen.