Cymbidium – Rare Siamese Twin Flower


I took photos of some more Cymbidium orchids that have started to bloom. One of the Cymbidium Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘and Bountiful’ flowers looked kind of strange. It was a siamese twin flower! In indonesian is ‘kembar Siam’.

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Cymbidiums – Slender Sepals and Petals

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Few days ago I bought a Cymbidium with chartreuse green flowers. The sepals and petals are slender, kind of narrow and pointy. I dislike flowers with green colour, but this one look quite pretty.

Most large Cymbidium orchids (hybrids) have rounded blooms, only sometimes I saw the ones with slender sepals and petals and usually are sold in markets or Asian shops with no identity. In our collection, there are three Cymbidiums in this category. One is definitely C. tracyanum and the other two could be (just my guess) Cymbidium insigne x and Cymbidium lowianum x.

Cymbidium lowianum: This orchid species has green colour with a clear red V marking on the tip of the lip. The one that I bought the other day also has red V marking, but it also has dots and not as clean as the lowianum supposed to be. and the lip is more ruffled.  Could it be crossed with C. hookerianum which is also green?

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Menanam Anggrek Dari Biji ?


Orchid pods - Epidendrum sp

Pernah ada pembaca yang bercerita tentang membeli biji anggrek online, tapi karena tak ada keterangan tentang bagaimana cara menumbuhkan biji tersebut, jadi akhirnya sia-sia. Mudahkah membenihkan biji anggrek? Akankah saya tertarik untuk mencobanya? Jawabannya adalah TIDAK! Mengapa?

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Orchids 2017 – More Flowers


Cold and windy start of Spring. It is even snowing in higher places around Melbourne. More Cymbidium orchids are in bloom and quite a few are still in buds.

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Garden End of Winter 2017


Few days more it will be the beginning of Spring time here in Melbourne, but it was so cold  in the last few days. Today it is raining on and off, with a bit of cold wind and hails. I haven’t done much in the garden lately. In the winter, lawn hardly grows, but the grass has started to thicken unevenly and look a bit of untidy. Weeds are growing fat in the garden beds. Hopefully the weather will be dry and warmer very soon so that I can start to mow the lawn and do weeding.

Some more Cymbidium orchids have started to bloom, but I will only take notes on other plants in the garden. Yes, it is mostly the same old plants again year after year, but it is always fun to take some photos. Here some of plants that are blooming:

Loropetalum chinense: An attractive dense bush with purplish red leaves. The pink tassel like flowers are unusual and pretty. Acid loving plant that hates lime.


Magnolia: This deciduous small tree will bear large pink flowers on bare branches towards the end of winter. Very pretty and eye catching.

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Anggrek Phalaenopsis: Water Culture – Inspeksi Akar


Phalaenopsis semi water culture after roots clean up - August 16-2017

Ini hanya sekedar catatan pribadi tentang perkembangan memakai sistim ‘semi water culture’.

Menanam anggrek dengan ‘water culture’ adalah dengan media air. Tanaman ditaroh didalah gelas transparan dengan akar telanjang tanpa media tanam padat sama sekali. ‘Semi water culture’ adalah dengan merendam 1/3 akar dengan air selama 2 hari dalam seminggu dan 5 hari tanpa air. Sedangkan ‘full water culture’ adalah dengan terus menerus merendam 1/3 akar dengan air.

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Do Cymbidium Orchids need Winter Rest?

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Some people say that Cymbidium orchids need winter rest. If the winter rest means that the plants should be cut out from watering and feeding completely, then I disagree. According to Julian Coker from Orchid Societies Council of Victoria (OSCOV), Cymbidium orchids are active all year around. They do not have a rest period and must be grown vigorously all year around.

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