Crying Out to Heaven

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Dark Sky

They are celebrating, but I am crying my heart out to Heaven.

Dear Lord, forgive my sins and the sins of others. For those who are crossing the line and commit serious transgressions of Your law, done freely and deliberately with a clear understanding of what they are.

No words can express my heavy heart, my deepest sorrow, my worries of what the future might bring to the next generations. Why do I see looming darkness of evils ?

November 15, 2017


Garden Mid Spring 2017

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Not much to say really, except the racket noise of chainsaw and mulching truck two houses up the road. They are cutting down some gum trees to built new townhouses. So sad… but like usual, money will come first at the expense of trees and green environment. Sooner or later our suburb will turn into over crowded apartments and units with cars parked along the street. Perhaps it is the time in near future to sell up, pack up and move to the country…..


Dancing Lady orchid

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Oncidium Dancing Lady October 2017
Many Oncidium ‘Dancing Lady’ orchids are mainly yellow, but ours is kind of brown maroon with the lower half of the labellum is yellow. Perhaps it is Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ cross. The spike is short and compact. The negative is that blooms are crowded together, otherwise it is quite pretty. Quite easy to grow and so far, it always flowers every year.

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Fragrant Dendrobium delicatum


Dendrobium delicatum October 2017

It is the time when these tiny Dendrobium delicatum orchid flowers bloom. The lingering sweet fragrance is telling us that they are there. The look is quite simple; small and white in colour with a faint splash of mauve. The speckled labellum is in contrast with the yellow tongue. An Australian native orchid that is said to be a natural cross between Dandrobium kingianum x D. tarberi. Easy to grow and always flower every year.

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Cymbidium Flower – Another Deformity

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Cymbidium large yellow noid - 2 lips - 1 column - only 2 petals - September 28 - 2017

Only this afternoon I noticed that something looked very odd with one of the large yellow Cymbidium flowers. I took a closer view, and I was really shocked. Truly shocked! Could not believe what I was seeing! After the Siamese twin flower the other day, now there is another one. A more bizarre look! What have caused these deformities?

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More Orchid Flowers

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Cymbidium bulbarrow ‘Our Midge’: This Cymbidium orchid that was grown from a small seedling is having 2 spikes this year. It took around 7 years or more for the seedling to flower. Now it has been the third time for it to bloom. I like the unusual ashy pink colour with a very dark maroon lip.

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Anggrek Epidendrum – Pembelahan dan Anakan

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Epidendrum orchid - tiny flowers

Tidak menyangka kalau anggrek Epidendrum ibaguense bisa tumbuh begitu tinggi. Anggrek yang juga dinamakan anggrek salib ini (crucifix orchid) disebut sebagai anggreknya orang miskin karena dianggap sebagai anggrek liar dan kurang begitu dihargai. Cepat tumbuh tinggi dengan banyak tumbuh akar di luar pot.   Untuk selanjutnya

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