Along Victorian Western Shores to Blue Lake


This journey along Princess Highway was from Melbourne to Warrnambool (256.5 km) where we visited Hopkins Falls (Hopkins Falls) and Tower Hill. From Warrnambool, we drove straight to Cape Bridgewater and turned back to visit Cape Nelson as we planned to stay over night in Portland. The next day, the journey continued to Princess Margaret Rose Caves and later to the final destination Blue Lake, Mt. Gambier in South Australia. Later in the afternoon we went back to Melbourne non stop via Glenelg Highway.

Melbourne - Mt. Gambier



Wilhelmina Falls 2007


Wilhelmina falls are situated in Murrindindi Scenic Reserve at the northern part of Toolangi State Forest, Victoria.

Hollow Tree

A Hollow Tree – Murrindindi Scenic Reserve, Toolangi State Forest 2007

After the February 2009 bushfire, the recovery and rebuilding of the area are magnificent. There are new campsites, new entrance booth, rebuilding the suspension bridges, public picnic areas and toilet blocks. The forest are green and luscious again after the fire and the nice main tracks are well defined and neat. The wildlife have made the area their home again. More