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Foxy died on March 23, 2009. We had to put him down because he suffered from paralysis on both his hind legs. We didn’t want him to suffer….. He died in peace, and it was painless and very quick at the Vet clinic.

After he died, we looked at dog breeds online and we saw a particular breed that look the same as Foxy…. like we were seeing double….. and the breed is Shiba Inu, a Japanese dog. So there was a big possibility that Foxy was not a Basenji X afterall, and he could be a pure bred Shiba Inu.

Now Foxy is resting in our backyard surrounded by my bonsay trees………..

These are images of Shiba Inu Dogs and Foxy. There are 9 photos of Foxy…. Can you tell the difference? Yes He was our Shiba dog 🙂

Shiba Inu

When we bought Foxy in 1996 from Keysborough Animal Shelter, Melbourne (Australia), they told us that he was a Basenji X. That was why we always believed that he was a Basenji X…. not until later after he died and we saw images of Shiba Inu breed.

When we bought Foxy he was already a 10 years old dog. The lady at the animal shelter told my young son to pick another dog which was younger, but our son didn’t want to listen and he was determined to have the dog which later on we called him Foxy.

Facts about Shiba Inu breed:




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We own a Basenji X dog which is 23 years old and is still alive. Though Foxy is not a pure Basenji, he strongly owns many characteristics of the majestic breed like for example high intelligence, playful, barkless, chortles, and licking his feet like a cat. I wrote this poem dedicated for our special and much loved dog.




Sad and forlorn in the pen alone

A small dog reddish brown colour tone

Short curled-up tail enticingly cute

He was ten years old but a beaut

People said too old to be adopted

But he was the dog our son selected

Foxy is a dog, not a cat or a rabbit

But he eats carrots and licks his feet

Being a Basenji cross he barks rarely

Always up and about he rests lightly

Very agile, intelligent and playful

He enjoys his new life to the full

He used to be obsessed with ball

He kicked it up and down the hall 

Fetched it as quickly as a blast

Barked if it was not thrown as fast

Up to the air he jumped and twisted

And caught the ball hardly missed it

He was as good as Pele or Maradona

Though his passion at times went too far

With a ball near his mouth he would tease

Would you play ‘get it if you can, please?’

To get the ball off him was not an easy trick

It was very hard because he was very quick

Going for a walk is another thing

Foxy still enjoys doing besides eating

He stops and sniffs at the base of trees

A sprinkle of piss to mark off territories

He is friendly and makes people happy

Many kids think he‘s still a puppy

23 years has passed and life is not easy
 Old age takes its toll he no longer can see
 No more ball games or running around
 Slower but his spirit of life has not yet gone
 He is a one lucky dog blessed with longevity
 We are so fortunate to have him for a company

Written by Lois B.

Sleeping Foxy

Basenji is an ancient dog breed from Central Africa. They were originally bred for hunting. Though these dogs are considered barkless, it doesn’t mean that they are completely soundless, instead they chortle, chatter, and yodell if they are bored or restless. They look more like a small gazelle with a curled up tail and are very neat both in shape and appearance, always groom themselves and lack doggy odour. They have very short and smooth coat which can be sable or black in colour with some white markings. Some mistakenly name this breed “The Egyptian Dogs” because of the carving on steles in the tombs of Egytian Pharaohs. Just like how they look today, basenji carvings with alert pricked up ears and tightly curled up tails can be seen sitting near their master’s feet.

Being very alert, fast runners and  good climbers, basenjis must be kept in a secure backyard with reasonably high fence. They are very intelligence, playful, beguiling and can be a bit stubborn in nature. A medium size breed and weigh around 10 – 12 kg, very sleek with beautiful long and shapely legs. The crinkle forehead gives them an impression of a sad or thoughtful look.



After Foxy died March 23, 2009… we were not so sure that he was actually a basenji x. He looked more like a shiba inu: