Fragrant White Flowers


Jasmine - delightful fragrance.jpg

Arabian Jasmine (Jasminum sambac, Melati):

At the moment, the Arabian Jasmine that is grown in a pot has many flowers. I think the temperate climate of Melbourne has made the flower size kind of smaller, but the fragrance is still the same, delightfully sweet. I picked a handful and now during the night, the amazing smell fills our living room.  To read more


Garden Mid January 2018


So far we only had few days of hot spells this summer. In the last few days, the much welcome rains had made the garden fresh and alive. Took few shots of flowers in the garden. Hibiscus and second batch of roses add more colours of the garden.

Roses do better in mild weather. This summer, with much less hot days, they are blooming for the second time. One photo of a couple of standard roses was from son’s place.

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Phalaenopsis Kokedama


Phalaenopsis kokedama
It is possible to grow Phalaenopsis orchids as kokedamas. Ours are blooming for the second time this year. The moss balls are quickly to get dry, so for those who are busy, this method may not be suitable.

Rose ‘Abracadabra’


Rose abracadabra - long stem.jpg

We are very busy right now helping our son to move into his newly bought home which is around 30 km away from our place. The pebbles layered garden bed around the house is bare, and my task is to select and grow some ornamental plants.

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Garden Mid Spring 2017

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Not much to say really, except the racket noise of chainsaw and mulching truck two houses up the road. They are cutting down some gum trees to built new townhouses. So sad… but like usual, money will come first at the expense of trees and green environment. Sooner or later our suburb will turn into over crowded apartments and units with cars parked along the street. Perhaps it is the time in near future to sell up, pack up and move to the country…..


Dancing Lady orchid

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Oncidium Dancing Lady October 2017
Many Oncidium ‘Dancing Lady’ orchids are mainly yellow, but ours is kind of brown maroon with the lower half of the labellum is yellow. Perhaps it is Oncidium ‘Sharry Baby’ cross. The spike is short and compact. The negative is that blooms are crowded together, otherwise it is quite pretty. Quite easy to grow and so far, it always flowers every year.

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Fragrant Dendrobium delicatum


Dendrobium delicatum October 2017

It is the time when these tiny Dendrobium delicatum orchid flowers bloom. The lingering sweet fragrance is telling us that they are there. The look is quite simple; small and white in colour with a faint splash of mauve. The speckled labellum is in contrast with the yellow tongue. An Australian native orchid that is said to be a natural cross between Dandrobium kingianum x D. tarberi. Easy to grow and always flower every year.

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