Lc .Wakayama 'White Wedding Song'.2019.April 15

One year later after I bought it, the Laeliocattleya orchid is blooming again. It is having 1 spike with three flowers. It is the very first orchid from Cattleya allliance that I manage to bloom. When I bought it last year, the flowers were pure white, but now it seems to change colour. The blooms seem to have green tint. 

Lc. Wakayama ‘White Wedding Song’ is bifoliate and the slightly ruffled blooms are fragrant.

Aoril 17, 2019: Two days later, the flowers are getting more white in colour. Maybe it changed whiter due to less sunlight inside the house. It was outside under the veranda before. Or it could be the nature of the flowers to have green tinge at first then gradually they are more white.