Blueberry foliage and flowers August 19-2018.jpg

I just bought a small blueberry plant yesterday to grow in my son’s backyard. Though still a young plant, the bare branches have already had some flowers. The white flowers remind me of Pieris japonica, they look very similar. As the twiggy branches are bare (only very few new leaves), so obviously it is deciduous (other blueberry plants are semi evergreen or fully evergreen). The seller said if I can grow Azalea, then I can also grow blueberry as both require same condition of rich acidic soil. The only difference is that blueberry will need more sunlight than azalea. I will trim few small and weak branches before planting.

There are many confusing information about self-fertile blueberry plants and those that need cross-pollinating. I bought the plant with no name, but I think it is northern highbush variety as it is deciduous. I noticed that some of the petals have dropped off but the stems are still intact. Has the pollination completed and they will grow into fruits? Some people say that it is still possible to grow only one blueberry bush to have fruits, it will just depend on the bees in your area to pollinate the flowers.