These wonderful plants are from my son’s garden. Along the fence in the front yard grow quite a few of plants and three of them are blooming now in winter. I always fond of winter flowering plants especially if they are fragrance. These are the three wonderful plants that come to our surprise:

Daphne odora:

Daphne is very popular and well liked because of the perfumed flowers, but many people say that it is not easy to grow. This evergreen and low growing winter Daphne bush grows well in my son’s garden under the shade of a bottle-brush tree. It is really exiting to see this plant and to be able to enjoy the heavenly scent. Daphne hates lime and will grow well in more acidic soil that is rich in humus.


At first, I thought this plant was Viburnum fragrans, but after doing a lot of matching online, I have come to a conclusion that it is actually Luculia. It might be L. gratissima or L. grandiflora ? This small tree at my son’s place is evergreen with large veined leaves. Though both plants flower in winter, both look similar and sweet scented, Viburnum fragrans is deciduous and flowers will grow on bare branches. The origin of Luculia is from the Himalayas, while Viburnum fragrans is native to northern China.

Philotheca myoporoides:

This small bush is native to Australia and in winter time the plant is covered with pretty pinkish white flowers. It is also known as long-leaf waxflower. Suitable for hedging and respond well to trimming and shaping. The sweet smelling blooms are showy against the dark green waxy leaves. Tough and drought tolerance, this plant grows in any ordinary garden soil.