Den nobile - Little Nubs

Just a quick note on the Dendrobium nobile. As it is closer to winter time here in Melbourne, the temperature is getting much cooler lately. I moved the Dendrobium nobile under cover in the back veranda. During the warmer months it stayed out in the open all the time. With regular application of weakly-weekly fertiliser plus adequate watering, the plant has grown large and plump canes.

I have stopped feeding around a month ago and now watering must be drastically reduced by occasional water misting only.  

On some of the old canes, I have noticed small nubs starting to grow. What will they be? Hopefully they are flowers. It never flowered before, so I have no idea how the blooms will look like. It was given as a bonus and it was a tiny immature plant. Few years ago, a small cane had few nubs but they failed to grow and dried out.

Dendrobium nobile - a slittle nub May 8-2018

Dendrobium nobile.jpg

May 9, 2018:

Growing flowers with no feed at all ?

I wonder if the idea of cutting off nutrition completely during the development of flowers is really good. Obviously this Dendrobium nobile will develop flowers during what supposed to be winter resting time (no feed with only a bit of water if necessary). For growing nice healthy blooms, the plant will need a lot of energy. So I decided to apply bloom booster fertiliser (1/4 dosage) later on when the nubs have clearly developed into flower buds. For now, while the nubbins are still too small to show they are actually flowers or keikis, I will give it a rest with no feed at all.

It seems that no one else do this, but I will give it a try and see what will happen. I also apply bloom booster to the Cymbidiums that are having flower buds (this happen around winter time) to make the blooms bigger and healthier.