Lc. Wakayama 'White Wedding Song' March 10-2018.jpg - Simple but beautiful

Laeliocattleya (Lc.) Wakayama ‘White Wedding Song’ flowers are delightfully fragrant dan I love the crisp white colour. No other colour other than yellow on the lip. When I saw it in Garden World today, I just had to have it.

What happen with my other two Cattleya orchids? They are growing nicely but so far still no sign of flower sheaths. I put them outside in the open one morning, but the direct sunlight burned some of the leaves.

Cattleya Blc Nakornchaisri Delight x Blc Haadyai Delight: It has grown 4 new leaves and the roots are growing like crazy. It is this good and when it is ready, I’m sure flower sheaths will follow.

Cattleya amethystoglossa

This Cattleya amethystoglossa has grown 3 new canes. Brown spots on leaves are sun burn