I took photos of some more Cymbidium orchids that have started to bloom. One of the Cymbidium Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘and Bountiful’ flowers looked kind of strange. It was a siamese twin flower! In indonesian is ‘kembar Siam’.

The rare flower has double lips and anther caps. It also has malformed petals and sepals which are 7 all together. It is hard for me to tell which are the petals and which are the sepals.  * Looking closely, from the front it seems to have 7 petals and sepals altogether, but there are actually only 6 of them. The top sepals are fused together. Normally a Cymbidium flower has 3 sepals and 2 petals. So this one has 1 extra sepal down the bottom.

Well, I think it is very special and rare, perhaps will never happen again. By the way, this C. Vogelsang ‘Eastbourne’ x So Bold ‘and Bountiful’ has 3 spikes, while the second pot only has a single spike (not open yet).

Update September 16 – 2017:

How it looks from different angles: The top sepal is very wide. It looks like 2 sepals fused together. It also has 1 extra sepal (or petal?) down the bottom.

Normal Cymbidium Flower Anatomy: Just curious… 🙂

Cymbidium Flower Anatomy