Few days ago I bought a Cymbidium with chartreuse green flowers. The sepals and petals are slender, kind of narrow and pointy. I dislike flowers with green colour, but this one look quite pretty.

Most large Cymbidium orchids (hybrids) have rounded blooms, only sometimes I saw the ones with slender sepals and petals and usually are sold in markets or Asian shops with no identity. In our collection, there are three Cymbidiums in this category. One is definitely C. tracyanum and the other two could be (just my guess) Cymbidium insigne x and Cymbidium lowianum x.

Cymbidium lowianum: This orchid species has green colour with a clear red V marking on the tip of the lip. The one that I bought the other day also has red V marking, but it also has dots and not as clean as the lowianum supposed to be. and the lip is more ruffled.  Could it be crossed with C. hookerianum which is also green?

Cymbidium insigne: The primary colour of this species ranges from white to light pink. Ours also pink, but they have a lot of markings. I have no idea what it is crossed with.

Cymbidium tracyanum flowers are large and highly fragrant. The arching stems are long and bear many blooms. The look of the flowers is very unusual with striped sepals and petals. The colour is a combination of green and reddish brown.

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