Garden End of Winter 2017


Few days more it will be the beginning of Spring time here in Melbourne, but it was so cold  in the last few days. Today it is raining on and off, with a bit of cold wind and hails. I haven’t done much in the garden lately. In the winter, lawn hardly grows, but the grass has started to thicken unevenly and look a bit of untidy. Weeds are growing fat in the garden beds. Hopefully the weather will be dry and warmer very soon so that I can start to mow the lawn and do weeding.

Some more Cymbidium orchids have started to bloom, but I will only take notes on other plants in the garden. Yes, it is mostly the same old plants again year after year, but it is always fun to take some photos. Here some of plants that are blooming:

Loropetalum chinense: An attractive dense bush with purplish red leaves. The pink tassel like flowers are unusual and pretty. Acid loving plant that hates lime.


Magnolia: This deciduous small tree will bear large pink flowers on bare branches towards the end of winter. Very pretty and eye catching.

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Anggrek Phalaenopsis: Water Culture – Inspeksi Akar


Phalaenopsis semi water culture after roots clean up - August 16-2017

Ini hanya sekedar catatan pribadi tentang perkembangan memakai sistim ‘semi water culture’.

Menanam anggrek dengan ‘water culture’ adalah dengan media air. Tanaman ditaroh didalah gelas transparan dengan akar telanjang tanpa media tanam padat sama sekali. ‘Semi water culture’ adalah dengan merendam 1/3 akar dengan air selama 2 hari dalam seminggu dan 5 hari tanpa air. Sedangkan ‘full water culture’ adalah dengan terus menerus merendam 1/3 akar dengan air.

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