Sarcochilus orchids July 25 - 2017

What I love most of Sarcochilus orchids are the pretty, dainty and fragrant flowers. I bought these cool loving Australian native orchid hybrids back in December 2013. Two of them were mature plants with flowers and another two were small without flowers. They did pretty well and re-flowered the next following year, but later on they suffered badly from scale infestation. Last year there were 3 of them left and they never seemed to recover. Now there are only 2 of them left. Though the plants are not completely dead, but they refuse to grow. I have previously washed the leaves and roots and apply white oil to kill the scales, and made sure the bugs did not come back. But they lost more leaves until two leaves left on each plant.

Yesterday, I decided to do something and the miserable plants are in water culture now. I put them in glass jars with water covering the tip of the roots. I am not sure if this attempt to save the plant will work. It can help or it will be the end of them. At least I have done something for the last time.


My note and thought about growing orchids in ‘water culture’.

I have found quite a few arguments about pros and contras of water culture online. I still cannot say 100 % if water culture will work as I only tried it for few days. However, I do believe that this method will only suitable for certain orchids. How have I decided to use this method?

I only use water culture (it can be full or semi water culture) for my orchids that don’t do very well in traditional methods (by using bark chips, coco chips or other orchid potting media), and in my case it is Phalaenopsis and Sarcochilus. For other orchids like Dendrobiums, Oncidiums, Zygopetalum etc that are quite happy growing in orchid media, I will not convert them to water culture at all. I still need more time to see if the water culture method will really work for my Phalaenopsis and Sarcochilus orchids.